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Social media, marketing and community relations specialist aiming to help people build their on-line presence with as many social media tools with which they feel comfortable.

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About DeeReinhardt

Social media, marketing and community relations specialist aiming to help people build their on-line presence with as many social media tools with which they feel comfortable.

What? You don’t have a website!

A Website is the hub to your marketing. Or is it?

I met a woman recently who told me she deactivated her website because it wasn’t doing anything for her. I said, “You did what?” She told me that she relies upon her LinkedIn profile to do her marketing for her. I said, “We need to have a discussion about that!”website hub

After I walked away, I thought a bit more about it. LinkedIn does show up number 1, 2, or 3 in search results if someone is looking for you by your name. But it is not going to tell them about your product or services the way a website would. I advice jobseekers to at least have a blogspot blog to give them a space on the internet.

If you don’t have a website, or at least a URL driven email address, you cannot have a company page on LinkedIn for your business.

I wrote this article about your website being the hub of your marketing in 2013. I agree with that today. The other thing that I feel very strongly about is the fact that you need an email address that has a company URL associated with it. It legitimizes your business. If people see a gmail, yahoo, hotmail, or, heaven forbid, an AOL email address as your business email, they tend to think less of your business. I am not the only one that feels this way. Read this article from my friend at T.G. Consultants.

If nothing else, spend $10-25 and get a website tonight from a service like godaddy or wix. You can set up a site that links back to someplace else. But you at least have that branding going on that will only help your marketing efforts. If I can help you build a WordPress website to legitimize your business – or update it to this millennium – please contact me.

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LinkedIn Advanced Search

Use the LinkedIn Advanced Search function to help find your perfect client!LinkedIn

We all need new customers and clients. How do you find yours? Some people turn to LInkedIn, but are they really using it to the best of the platforms ability? I say you need to use the LinkedIn Advanced Search function to really make the platform worthwhile.

I took a few moments to create a how-to video that you can find along with all of my other how-to videos on YouTube or scattered throughout my blog posts.

Following are the basic steps of using the LinkedIn Advanced Search function:

  1. Enter a key word for the type of person you want to find.
  2. Add a couple of qualifying terms to reduce your search to a more manageable result.
  3. Filter on the left hand side to reduce the results. The best number is somewhere around 50-75 at a time.
    1. Geographic area – I use Greater Chicago Area most of the time, but it depends upon where you are located.
    2. Industry – pick the one that you want to target right now.
    3. Level of connection – 2nd degree is usually where you want to start. You can always search your 1st degree connections, but the 2nd degree ones broaden your market.
    4. Pick a former or current company(ies) on which you want to focus. This is not as necessary.
    5. If you want to really reduce the result number, click on the word ADVANCED next to the magnifying glass by the search box. In the LinkedIn advanced area, you can pick an area located in or near a specific zip code and filter by 10, 25, 35, 50 or 100 miles from that zip code.
  4. Save your search for future reference and so LinkedIn won’t charge you at the end of the month when you exhaust your searches. You can save three searches at one time. Change them as you need to do so.

Take a look at the video to see what I explained in the directions. Happy client hunting!

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Building a Blog Post

Blog posts add umph to your website!

Let’s talk about websites, the key to a blog, and what they can really do for you.

  • Websites are your on-line brochure.
  • Websites hold your photo gallery.
  • A website is the hub of your online marketing.
  • All of your social media points back to your website (or a landing page).
  • Your website is the repository for your blog articles.key to a good blog

The key to a good blog is to write one. Regularly. Let’s talk a bit about search bots. When your website is new and you first publish it, the bots come and scour your site to see what you have out there. They check out the keywords and all of the goodies that you put out there to make it bright and shiny. They come back in about 30 days to see what other new shiny stuff you added. If you added several things, the bots reprogram to come back more quickly than the last time. If you didn’t they wait till maybe 45 days to come back. The more frequently you add new items to your website the more often the bots return ranking your higher in organic search results. The less often you add new items or changes to your website, the lower your ranking becomes until one day…

Whenever I build a website for someone, I typically use a WordPress platform. If I do that, I always include the Yoast SEO plug-in. Here are the tips I give to my clients when they write a blog post:

Make your blog heading a continuation of your title with the keyword in the beginning. Highlight the text and make it a heading 2 from the WYSIWIG bar.

Make sure to employ the “Press this” option offered so that when you read another person’s article, you can use the handy dandy tool to add a post to your blog and write your opinion on what you just read.

If you do that, make sure that you include a link to the original. Like this: You can read the whole article here. Highlight the word here, click on the chain link in the WYSIWIG bar and add the link to the original article – Ensure that it opens to a new window.

Write your thoughts. Include an image. There are many resources for free images. Don’t use any images from a website with a UK extension. One resources to check is pixabay.com Read about more options here.

Make sure to write 270 to 300 words. Complete the Yoast SEO boxes that appear below the blog post content frame.

Your keyword should be in your title, heading, meta data and body text.

Select the category on your website in which you want your post stored.

Add additional tags, especially if you have a tag cloud on your website. If you mention an organization or a searchable term, add the tag.

Last but not least, make sure to share your just finished post on your social media!

Let me know if I can assist you in any way.

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Design, Build, Remodel your Social Media

Yes, I am comparing social media marketing to Design, Build, Remodel in Construction!

I know this sounds a bit crazy, but when you design, build, or remodel a home, you have to do the exact same things that you need to do when you want to update your social media.

Think of it this way, when you begin the process with a new home or a remodel on your existingRemodel plans home, you typically plan with a drawing or blueprint. You may work with an architect or at least a general contractor to help guide you through the process. If you are very brave, you may consider doing all of the planning and coordinating on your own. Perhaps you had a family member in the trades and feel like they will be able to guide you through the tougher spots. When it comes to the actual work, you will more than likely use a professional carpenter, electrician, or plumber along with the other trades to help you meet code on your remodel or new construction.

The same thing applies to your marketing, especially your social media. Here is what I would tell you. I am sure that you have a family member who is pretty adept at handling Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. They know what buttons to punch and how to make updates to your profile. But if you are going to remodel your business social media, do you really want to trust that aspect of your marketing to a person with no marketing background?

If you work with a professional – or general contractor, who is trained in that arena, wouldn’t you feel more confident that it is done right? Maybe your logo needs an overhaul, the design aspect of that should go to a graphic designer, who in turn works with the web designer or someone like me who would help you with your social media remodel or build. Making sure that your brand is carried throughout your marketing is just as important to achieve your company’s marketing goals as having the right pipe running through your home to carry the water or electricity to where you need it.

Let me help you with the Design, Build and Remodel of your social media. Let Creekwood Homes help you with the Design, Build and Remodel for your home!

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Warm-up cold leads with LinkedIn 1-28-2016

How can you use LinkedIn to warm-up cold leads?

This workshop, geared to business people, will cover all of these items that will help you warm-up cold leads. We will cover:LinkedIn class warm-up cold leads

  • What you need in your profile to be found
  • How to include keywords in the right places to meet the search algorithms
  • How to share your subject matter expertise
  • Why a great picture is important
  • The correct way to invite people
  • How to keep communicate with your connections
  • How to use groups to your advantage
  • How to use search to warm-up your cold leads
  • What to do with your company page
  • How to stay on top of mind of your connections

All of this will be done in a class room setting. Bring your laptop. Start researching the keywords for your business if you don’t already know them. Come armed with your questions.

The Details

  • Date: January 28, 2016
  • Time: 9AM-12Noon
  • Place: Harper College Business Professional Center – 650 E Higgins Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60173 (Room to be determined) You will be emailed the day before the class with the room location.
  • What: Bring your laptop and questions. If you will need power, you may need to bring an extension cord or your power supply.
  • Cost: $40 per person class size is limited to 20 people

If you have questions about the class, please contact me by phone 708-822-2152 or email.

Ready to register for the workshop?

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