LinkedIn – Send direct messages

In LinkedIn, one of the best features is you can communicate with your network.  How can you accomplish that besides posting a status update or creating a discussion in a group?  That is the topic of this post:

LinkedIn – Send direct messages

You have decided to point out a particular feature of your company, or perhaps a new showcase page for your company, maybe a featured post you found on LinkedIn. Other than posting it to a group discussion or taking the chance that someone will see your status update, you may want to send direct messages to specific people.  Now if you have taken the time to Tag your connections, you can send it to a tagged group of up to 50 people at one time.  If you haven’t tagged your connections (read more about doing that here), or you just want a few people from different within your connections you can do that as well. Follow these steps:

1.  Select the message iconLinkedIn Send Direct Messages

2.  Select Compose message

3. Start Typing Names

4. Use your address book for additional names (additional image below)  You are limited to 50 addresses in one email.

5. Compose your message – use a generic Salutation so that you can include multiple people without having to send each one individually.  If you are sending the message to more than 50 people copy the body of the message for the next email.

6. Who will see – At the bottom of the message window is a box to select or deselect that determines whether the other message recipients will see each others name.  If you want the message to appear as if it was a “singular” message, you will want to uncheck the box.  If you are sending the message to a group of people to whom you would normally send a message, you leave it checked.

7. Send your message. Repeat the steps until you have sent your message to everyone to whom you wish to send the message.

LinkedIn address bookAddress book lists your connections alphabetically.  Move through the alphabet as you add people to your “To” list. When you check the box next to their name, it automatically adds them to your list and tells you how many you have left in your “50″.




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Sharing LinkedIn Company Posts

Have you heard?  The products and services page of your company page will be retired on April 14, 2104.  That doesn’t mean you have to stop sharing LinkedIn Company posts, it means you have a new place from which to share!  A great thing to do is to post your most recent blog post to your company page.  Now with the addition of the Showcase pages, you can post to a specific showcased item.  Follow how to share your posts with the bullets here, or follow the images below, or check out the YouTube how-to on my channel.

Sharing LinkedIn Company Posts

  1. In the tool bar select Interests > Companies
  2. In the Company Home Tab, find the post you would like to share
  3. Find the “Share” link at the bottom of the post
  4. Click “Share”
  5. Pop-up opens
  6. Select the box to “Share” to your personal profile
  7. Select the box to “Share” to groups
  8. Groups > Type the alphabet and the groups to which you belong will start to appear. If you want to select more than one group that starts with a letter, you have to re-type the letter again.
  9. Select Individuals if you wish to notify a specific Individual of a link. They will receive an email about the post.

Follow along with the images below.

LI share 4 LI share 5 LI share 6 LI share 7 LI share 8 LI share 9 LI share 10Interests > Companies






Select Share





Showcase pages can share items in addition to Company page posts.




From the post itself, you select the share option.





Select share




Follow the same steps as for the company page posts.  Comment to share to your personal feed.






To share to groups to which you belong, begin typing the alphabet and the groups will show up.  Select a group.  If there is more than one group in a letter, you just type the letter until you have added all the groups that you would like.

Happy Sharing!

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Customize your LinkedIn URL

Customize your LinkedIn URL for better traffic

Why would you want to customize your LinkedIn URL? Does your LinkedIn public profile link look like this -

or like this (with your name of course) >>> LinkedIn public profile url If it doesn’t follow these directions or watch the quick how-to video below.

Step 1 – Go to Profile > Edit Profile

Step 2 – Find the URL in the box below your image

Step 3 – Select Edit

Step 4 – In the right hand column find the box that says “Customize your public profile URL”

Step 5 – Type in your name – no caps or spaces.  You may need to add a middle initial or a number to your name. If you must add a number, use one that is significant to you, not just the ones that LinkedIn suggests.

Step 6 – Add the link to your resume, other on-line profiles, business cards (networking cards)

You can view a how-to video on how to customize your LinkedIn URL on YouTube by clicking below.

Where else would a customized LinkedIn URL come in handy? Do people connect to you or your business? If they can find you directly, it may make the difference in landing that next big contract or job!

Top 5 LinkedIn Business Page Tips – Activity

The Top 5 LinkedIn Business Page Tips cover Descriptions, Products & ServicesImageryRecommendations, and finally Activity

Top 5 LinkedIn Business Page Tips – Activity

One of the keys to LinkedIn in general is to do more than just collect connections. Social media, of which LinkedIn is one of the tools is about being social. Sharing, communicating, and listening is part of being social. While LinkedIn isn’t the spot where you share what you had for lunch, it may be the place to post that you are attending a networking luncheon with a few colleagues whom you can tag in your profile posts and the company if they have a company page. So how can you build the activity level on LinkedIn with your company page?

  1. If you are hiring new employees, you can post those jobs on LinkedIn.  There is an associated cost if you use the job board features. If you don’t, you can still use the status updates on LinkedIn company pages to share a link the listing on your website.
  2. Create a group associated with your company to serve as a forum.  This is especially LinkedIn Company Status Updategood if you could use it as a customer service frequently ANSWERED questions area.
  3. Post status updates regularly. Use this area to post newly written blog articles that will take readers back to your website. Share information useful to your industry.
  4. Share your company status updates, when appropriate, to groups to which you belong. Here is another article on sharing company status updates to groups.
  5. Use the option to create a variation on your company page based on audience. If you have different products that would be more useful to New York vs. Chicago, create a specific landing page in LinkedIn for the New Yorkers. Perhaps a job title might be the defining demographic for the alternate page.

Whatever you do, do something!  There is nothing worse than finding an “abandoned page”. It is better to have done nothing than to start and not follow-through.

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Top 5 LinkedIn Business Page Tips – Recommendations

Top 5 LinkedIn Business Page Tips – Recommendations is next in the series for business. Topics for your business page previously covered include: Products & ServicesImagery, and next will be Activity

Top 5 LinkedIn Business Page Tips – Recommendations

Most people are aware that word of mouth will get you, sometimes, as much business as paid advertising. So how do you get that word of mouth promotion on your LinkedIn company page?  The answer is to ask your clients to recommend specific products or services on your companies’ business page.  Let’s take a look - Use LinkedIn Products to your company's advantage.

On the right side of this image, you see that there are 3 recommendations for this particular product.  Those recommendations equal word of mouth.  Below the number of impressions is a spot where you can request recommendations. Once you click on that, a box pops up that you can send a request for a recommendation to anyone to whom you are a first degree connection.

LinkedIn product recommendation

The next bit of advice is something that I recommend for every component of LinkedIn that gives you a prepared message. DON’T USE IT!  You can very easily personalize the messages that LinkedIn offers, so please do so!  Additionally, when asking for recommendations for your products or for you personally, don’t make the person do all of the work.  Offer some language that you would like to see in your recommendation.  Perhaps it is the keywords associated with the product or key marketing phrases that you use to brand your products or services.

The pay-it-forward concept works here as well.  If you wish to express your positive experience with a product or service by a company, don’t wait for them to ask – write! Who knows, depending upon your own skills and products, this could forge a great working relationship!

Hopefully, you will be able to give and receive with this Top 5 LinkedIn Business Page Tip by participating in the recommendation process.

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