Meet Dee Reinhardt

How can Dee Reinhardt help you Design, Build or Remodel your social media marketing?

Right-brained. That is a good description of Dee Reinhardt. If it has to do with creativity, she is all about that. When social media advanced into the marketplace, Dee embraced it with a passion.

Dee is a Type-A personality, energetic, gregarious, extroverted, a planner and a leader. As a marketing coordinator for a workforce development agency, her “right-brain” kicked in with social media to help her develop new ways to reach out, new avenues to explore and new methods to exercise.

Dee became a social media strategist and is now the principal of her own company Time2Mrkt specializing in digital marketing. Since LinkedIn is one of her passions, it is only natural that she shares her knowledge with the community, teaching LinkedIn sessions as well as social media best practices for business owners and community members.

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Woman Business Enterprise Certified by the state of Illinois April 2019. Dee can be found in the Illinois Procurement Gateway for:

  • NIGP 91522 Communications Marketing Services
  • NIGP 92091 Training, Computer Based, Software Supported
  • NIGP 92464 Partnering Workshop Facilitation Services
  • NIGP 95877 Project Management Services

Participated in a Matching Ideas with Resources Podcast 1-18-2016

Dee has been published in the Daily Herald. Business Ledger Article 10-1-12

Dee was on Blogtalk Radio 1-3-2013 and 4-3-2013

Quoted in Jim Kendall article from the Daily Herald on 2-25-2013.  Find it on Jim’s Business Owners Blog.

Quoted in this article How to use social media for growth hacking top 10 tips

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