LinkedIn training can help you do more than just collect connections!

LinkedIn is one of the “Big Three” social media tools.  LinkedIn is your professional LinkedIn Logodatabase and resume in social media.  So many options are available within this powerful tool, that few people can keep up with the changes and possibilities. When was the last time you had some LinkedIn training? There is no better time than the present!

If you profile is not 100% complete, you risk not being found in LinkedIn searches.  Time2Mrkt can help you complete your personal profile or enhance it to make sure your name is found in searches.

We can help you in several ways:

  • One-to-One sessions – personalized service to help you complete your individual profile.
  • Small Group workshops – gather together a small group to work on your profiles. Working together with Time2Mrkt to complete your profiles and learn about the tools LinkedIn offers.
  • Formal presentations – watch our social announcements of upcoming presentation. Got too much information at the workshop? Here is a LinkedIn Take Away that you can use to help refresh your memory.
  • Webinars – since COVID-19 we offer a majority of our training and assistance in a virtual space to help you learn more about specific LinkedIn features.
  • DIFY – If you don’t have the time, but need it done, let Time2Mrkt Do It For You.  To help manage the security features, we will discuss how Time2Mrkt can DIFY to set up company pages or complete your personal profile.

Whatever your preference, we will work with you to help you do more than just collect connections on this powerful social media resource.  If you would like to schedule a session, let us know by reaching out to us on our Contact Us page. You can pre-pay for a one-on-one consultation by visiting our Payment Center page.

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