It’s all about the Maintenance!

I like to teach my clients to “fish”.  So when I begin a process with a client, I may implement and optimize all of the company social media profiles, but at the end, we sit together and I teach the personMaintain your digital presence! the what, why and how of maintaining social media on a variety of platforms including blog posts. After all, the maintenance is the most important part. Often, I let my new fledglings go off to “fish” for themselves. BUT sometimes “fishing” gets in the way of the person actually doing business.  When that happens, I am there with a “fishing” service or monthly maintenance package for my clients.

You don’t want someone to go to your social media platforms and see that the last post was six months ago, or worse yet, two years ago.

The services range from posting to multiple social platforms on a per week schedule, helping or publishing e-news, helping or publishing blog posts, providing webinar series, WordPress website updates, graphic work, and designing and coordinating events. Once, I even attended a workshop on someone’s behalf and reported back with notes.

Everything can be considered to help you maintain your digital presence. Call or email me to discuss your company’s needs –