Planning and Implementing

Small business and solopreneurs should be taking advantage of the marketing resources available to them including social media. Sometimes, someone in your office may have started a profile, or thought about it and that is about as far as it got.

Time2Mrkt, can help you with planning and implementing your social marketing on a variety of platforms including the graphic design component of required images for your platforms. Need a new head shot for your LinkedIn profile? Let us accommodate your time and schedule for a company photo shoot.

You know you need to use social media as part of your overall marketing plan, but everything has you confused and befuddled. There are key platforms for Business to Business and others that are more suited for Business to Consumer businesses. Time2Mrkt can work with you through a step-by-step process in a one-on-one environment to help you implement your business’ social media profiles.  As you need to include more, we can work together to satisfy your business requirements to use social media effectively.

We start with an assessment of your organic search results and prepare a proposal based upon our findings. Charges are based on a per hour rate, or you may purchase a package suggested in the proposal.