Useful Tools to Save you Time

As a social media professional, I am always seeking ways to make more efficient use of my time.  I belong to a couple of forums and groups that often discuss free tools or low-cost options.  I would like to share a compiled list here with you: Hootsuite – still one of my faves – but

New Year New Plan

It is a new year do you have a new plan? We rang in 2023 just a couple of days ago. What is your new plan for the new year? Not just a financial plan, or a healthier you plan, but a plan for your marketing. My plan is to write a new blog article

Content Calendar for 2023

Are you using a content calendar? I recently read the article linked below about the best content calendars for 2023. I really like the concept especially for blogs and complex social media campaigns that require a lead up to an event and a follow-up afterward.  The article suggested several options both paid and unpaid. One