Time2Mrkt is all about helping you include the latest digital technologies in your overall marketing plan.  Let us help you with these items and more:

Planning/Coaching | Blogs | Facebook | Flickr/Pinterest | Google+ | Graphic Design LinkedIn | E-news | Twitter | WordPress | Location Sites | YouTube | Speaker Topics | Web Design | Workshops

Planning and Implementing – Let us help you with all the plan and implement all of the details, train you how to use the platforms, and then be available when you need questions answered.  We can keep you up to date on the latest trends and help you determine if they will work for you.
Blogspot – You can write and schedule posts, link to your website, but it is a site that is separate from your is an option to create a blog.  It is hosted on an external site from your website.
Facebook has over 850 million users.  Being able to reach them with a company page is a major component of a companies overall marketing plan. Let me create a customized avatar, a photo banner, a welcome page or a another specialized tab page.  Do you need to get your vanity URL?
Imaging – Let’s build a Pinterest page or Flickr channel for your photos.  Tag items and have your product show up in search results more rapidly.  Link back to your website and build search engine optimization.
Google + offers company pages.  You cannot depend on one type of marketing as you cannot depend upon one social media channel.  When you post to Google+, your information gets indexed on Google 3 times faster than other links. Can afford not to use it?
Graphic Design – help your brand be more identifiable as your image becomes consistent across all of the platforms where you have a presence.  From your website to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blog, and LinkedIn, we can create images that work to create brand consistency.
LinkedIn – The fastest growing professional network is the perfect place to build your personal or company brand.  Let me help you optimize your presence on LinkedIn one-on-one or in a group of your peers or co-workers.
E-mail newsletters are an integral part of your marketing plan. Share your message and drive traffic back to your website or other social media platforms.
Twitter –  Spreading your message in 140 characters is the best part of Twitter.  Get your tweets out there by connecting to your other platforms.  It is a great customer service tool!!
Web Design – One of the most well known blog platforms is WordPress, but it can also be a wonderful way to create a static website.  In fact, this site is a WordPress site.
Location Sites – If you have a storefront, is your business located on all of the appropriate locators?  Yelp, Google Places, Foursquare and many others. Driving to your store or to your website – it is all about getting recognized.
Video is a great way to grab someone’s attention and keep it. Create a channel for your products or explaining your services.  YouTube gets 4 BILLION views a day.  Shouldn’t you be getting found?
Speaker Services – Do you need a speaker for your event, luncheon or training session? Dee has a full repertoire of social media topics in her tool bag.
IMG_2777 Workshops – Check the calendar to find out the next workshop session. Or sign up for the newsletter to find out sessions within the next month and more news.

Let us help you with your digital marketing needs.

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