Facebook – the most “likable” of the big 3 social media tools is akin to a backyard barbecue.  You might invite a few co-workers, your family and many of your friends.  For personal use, you will keep up with your “friends” by watching their music videos, maybe playing games, looking at photos from life events and reading about the interesting things that just happened to them.  Because of the applications available on phones, you might see a number of mobile uploads to your wall or currently ticker.

For business, Facebook has become a major player in the marketing world.  With over 800million users, Facebook predicts they will surpass the 1 billioin user mark by August 2012, certainly by year end.

Business pages – or fan pages are an aspect of a marketing plan that a business needs to investigate.  There are a variety of uses for these pages, but a user needs to “like” your page before they will receive your updates in their wall posts.  To receive the best results from your pages, you need to engage your fans/customers on your page.

Does your business have a welcome page – check out ours here.

The content and frequency will depend upon your business.  We can help you determine what you need to say, when and how.  We can help you brand your appearance on your page, and perhaps carry it over to your personal page depending upon the type of business you have.  Let us know how we can help by reaching out on our Contact Us page.