Is your business a-Twitter?

Twitter  – of the big 3 social media tools, this is the fastest moving, most on-point messaging of Twitter logothe three.  You cannot control who is listening to your messages, so it can be equated to having a conversation in a local drinking establishment or chatting with a friend on a bus or train, everyone around you might hear what you are saying.

Gone are the days of people tweeting about what they had for lunch as today it is so widely used, that you can find the latest news before it reaches the News outlets! One video that I share when speaking notes that news of an earthquake on the east coast hit Twitter 30 seconds before it happened. Now that is the speed of light, no, sound, no, it is the speed of Twitter.

Twitter is marketing done in 140 characters at a time. If it takes you two or three sets of characters to share your message, it could easily be interrupted by 40-100 tweets between yours depending upon how many tweeps a person person is following.

If you would like to untangle the lingo of DM and RT and learn how to use Twitter to answer  a part of your marketing plan, contact us.