Great Customer Service 2015

Do you let people know when you receive great customer service?

Christmas 2015 is over and now the returns begin. While customer service should be great all year long in your business, there are times, when things are more hectic in your business, as in retail, that sometimes things may get overlooked.  Let me share a recent experience with you so that I can applaud two companies that went above and beyond in my opinion.

I ordered some personalized books from for my grandson’s first Christmas. I ordered them early enough for a timely arrival. I received a notification that the books had shipped, but couldn’t open the details to find out when they were coming exactly. Low and behold they arrived on December 17. Unfortunately, it was not a great result.

I was teaching a LinkedIn workshop, had an appointment and then a meeting. The dogs were in customer service for destroyed bookstheir space for the day which gives them access to the driveway. The truck pulled up to deliver the package. I am sure that our dogs were greeting them with their barks. During the season, UPS brings on extra helpers. The big black barking dogs may not have made the UPS helper or driver comfortable. A package tossed may have looked like a play toy. As you can see from the pictures, the results were not good.

After a very long day, I arrived home and was in tears looking at the results of what I thought would be a special present for my grandson’s first Christmas. I was heartsick that even if I ordered again they wouldn’t arrive in time to open on Christmas.

I waited until the next morning. First I called UPS. The first customer service person was great! I ended up having to make a couple of calls because I called before the claims department was open. While I was trying to explain what happened, I couldn’t control the tears. They told me that they would handle the claim with the shipper.

Next I had to wait for the customer service department to open at Put Me in the Story. When I spoke with them and tearfully explained that I wouldn’t have the present for my grandson’s first Christmas, they said they were placing a reprint order as we spoke. She couldn’t guarantee the books arrival, but they would replace them at no charge.

Guess what?!! The books arrived on the 22nd of December. I was home to receive the delivery and my grandson got to open his present on Christmas day.

That is what I call great customer service all the way around!!!

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