How do you share a company post on a personal profile?

As a rule I suggest to my clients that they post to the company pages that they have first and then share that post to their personal profile. I also advise that they encourage any employees to share a company post on their personal profiles as well. This is extremely useful if the company is hiring or sponsoring an event.

Here are the steps to do just that for LinkedIn! If you are the page administrator, you will need to switch views. If your employees share and are not managing the page, they will skip to step 2.share company post to a personal LI profile

  • Top right click View as member




  • Look for the posts – click See All Posts


  • Sort by Recent – if the post you want to share isn’t at the top


  • Select Repost
  • Repost with your thoughts to enter a sentence in addition
    • Repost goes out without anything extra added
  • Verify it is your personal profile NOT your company
  • Add a sentence


  •  Post
  • Grab the link to share to Facebook or Twitter company page (it is better to share website link than the LinkedIn item on Facebook).

Watch for another article on how to share a Facebook company post to your personal Facebook profile.

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