Epson wins a High Five for Great Customer Service!

I purchased my Epson printer because of the multi-function capabilities Great Customer Serviceand the dual paper trays. It had a ton of functionality for a great price point. And the size worked for our home office.

I used it hard and heavy. We have two businesses in our home and I was printing daily, multiple copies of things for at least one of the businesses, sometimes both – and church!

I started having problems with the print nozzles and the paper feed was going a little wonky. I tried to fix things by doing the nozzle head spray adjustments for about two months. Things were not improving.

Finally, I called customer support. They talked me through a few things that I had done previously and then a couple of things that I had not. It was recommended to let the machine sit overnight unplugged to “clear” the cobwebs. The next morning I fired the machine back up and the same poor printing was happening. I called back to customer service with my reference number.

After reporting what I had done that morning, they broke the bad news that my printer had a bad print head. They said I was out of warranty. (I called one month and one day after the warranty expired.) Without me even asking, they escalated my tech support call to another department. The woman asked a few questions and said, ok, we will overnight a new printer to you. You can just recycle the old printer. We are taking the serial number out of commission.

My new printer showed up by 10:30 the next morning and I have it set-up. The printing is beautiful again!

This was a bright spot in my week, because I sure didn’t want to have to shop for another printer. I liked this one!

Thanks EPSON!! You have won a lifetime customer!

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