What is Your 2014 Plan?

An article I recently read proposes that Facebook should be your primary social media platform. I contend that it depends upon your targeted audience as to which platform is your first choice.

Let’s talk about a couple of choices:2014 plan

  • Blogging – if you are a B2B business you need to seriously consider writing a blog article on a regular basis. this material can then become content for your e-news and social media that you do select.
  • Interactives – these would be the platforms including Facebook and G+. in most cases you should consider these no matter whether you are a B2B or B2C, but if you are a consumer focused business this is something you should consider.
  • Imaging – includes YouTube and platforms like Pinterest or Instagram. anyone with a physical product needs to consider the “correct” photo platform. 4 billion searches a day would lead me to believe that everyone should have a presence on YouTube.

There are many other options to consider that can be included into a marketing plan, but the operative question here becomes what is your plan for 2014? Will you be incorporating new elements? Will you be expanding your presence on a platform? Will you be following a schedule for posting?

Author: DeeReinhardt

Social media, marketing and community relations specialist aiming to help people build their on-line presence with as many social media tools with which they feel comfortable.

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