What is your social media strategy?

Social media strategy – do you have one?

Take a look at this article by Buffer. It has some great ideas about your social media strategy.

Did you get to the part of the article that said 12 hours per week and laugh out loud? So many people are so busy that they may not have 12 hours a week to sleep let alone manage their social media.

Remember that social media is marketing. How do you obtain new business? Through marketing, right? If you consider social media as part of your marketing plan, the time spent makes a bit more sense. It is sort of like making a recipe for success. You need to plan, implement and measure, repeating as necessary.planimplementmeasure

The Buffer article has very valid points:

Planning – if you plan your posts and your focus, you can work your plan. I think for the average business person spending an hour to plan your social media for the week is accurate. Within that hour, you may think of the topic for your blog article and what you want to include in an upcoming newsletter, advertisement or event.

Implementing – this is 10 hours of that magic 12 hour number. Writing a blog article and finding a great image might take an hour. That leaves 9 hours. If you don’t have 2 hours a day to spend, take advantage of some of the tools available like Buffer, Hootsuite, Scoop.it to help you with the curating and scheduling of your posts. You still need to check back for the engagement aspect, but doing that during the course of the day isn’t as cumbersome as thinking that you need to block out 2 hours at one time. Check on things in the morning, mid-day and near the end of your business day.

Measuring – this is one of the keys. Use that hour weekly to figure out what worked and what didn’t. Take a look at the upcoming schedule and see if there are special things you need to include in the next week. If something worked especially well, try replicating it.

If all else fails, give me a call and we can discuss your strategy and how to use some of the tools that I mentioned.

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