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How many of you use Facebook ads?  You can use them to drive people to an event or your page.  I always recommend CPC – cost per click because you will ultimately get the impressions, but only have to pay for a click when someone actually goes to where you are directing them.

So once you have your ad set up and you have selected all of the demographics for your ad to get just the right mix of people, you may want to change the words, the image, the cost you are paying, or the time when you wanted to close the ad.  Here is how to do that:

From your personal page find this:

manage ads

Once you click on the Manage Ads, your page will come up with any and all of your ads.
Click on the ad that you want to modify –
 Manage ads 2
Then click on the edit next to the Ad Preview above the picture.  Once inside the ad you can change any of the parameters that you established originally.
Remember you can always set up multiple ads and see which one(s) does best and then cancel any extra ones.
Happy Facebook advertising!
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