Have your Writing Skills Suffered?

These days texting is so prevalent and there is such easy access to everything by smartphones, our n2mjchbu-not-too-much-just-chillin-how-bout-youwriting has suffered.

Not just grammar but our cursive handwriting and possibly even the written word.

In the image, if you understood the left side of the equal sign without having to read the right side, you may suffer from too much textaholism. (Just coined that word I think).

A recent article about digital tools offered a 50/50 result over the internet affecting our students writing abilities. It did mention that cursive writing in the schools is not being taught as much as it once was.signaturequill+pen

So the days of asking people to add their John Hancock to a document may be over.

As I sign off today, I would like to use a few more texting shortcuts – TTYL and CUL8R.

What are your thoughts?

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