How many of you have a second or duplicate account on LinkedIn?

Sometimes a duplicate account on LinkedIn happens because you have left a company and no longer have access to that email address and you had not added a back-up email address on your account. Occasionally, people will set up an account meant to be their business account but created it under a personal profile.

If you do have a second, or third, or fourth account, read on to find out how to delete a duplicate account on LinkedIn. The best practice is to only have one personal profile on LinkedIn and create a company profile to represent your business.

How-to – Delete a Duplicate Account on LinkedIn

Search for yourself on LinkedIn or ask a friend to search for you. If you have a common name, you may need to narrow the search results with the search tools on the left side of the screen.Duplicate Account on LinkedIn 1






Once you have discovered that you need to eliminate a duplicate account on LinkedIn:

  • Reach out to the Help Center
  • Locate the Help Center at the bottom of a screen on any page that does not continue adding new information as you scroll down.

LI Help Center



Select Help Center
In the search box, type Duplicate Profile in the search box

LI duplicate A





When the results render, Select Duplicate Accounts – in the list below it is #2

LI duplicate B







The article will give you the details about how to remove duplicate accounts.  In most situations, you have a duplicate account because you cannot remember your password and no longer have access to the email address to receive a password update email. If you cannot remember your password to the other accounts, you will need to send a message by in-mail (LinkedIn email) to the Contact Us at the top of the screen and include the following information:

  • The URL for the profile you want to remove (e.g.
  • The email address(es) associated with that account.
  • Your name as it appears on LinkedIn, and any alternate names you may have used.

This will eliminate the extra accounts from LinkedIn and help avoid any confusion when someone is trying to reach out to you on the platform.

To make the elimination of the duplicate account on LinkedIn process as simple as possible for the staff at LinkedIn, click on the profile (see top image) that you think is a duplicate. When that profile opens, find the account number (in image below) and send that link to LinkedIn. If it is not immediately visable, you may have to select the “Contact Information” to find the link.
Duplicate account on LinkedIn 2





Hopefully, you can eliminate any confusion for people who are searching for you on LinkedIn by having only one profile.

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