LinkedIn Tags and Notes Going Away

LinkedIn Tags are Disappearing

I am totally disappointed in LinkedIn because of an email that I just received from LinkedIn telling me they are discontinuing the tags and notes functions in LinkedIn connections.

Here is the email I got:

At LinkedIn, we’re always looking for ways to simplify and improve your experience – helping you be more productive and successful. This sometimes means removing features that aren’t heavily used by most of our members to invest in others that members tell us offer greater value.

As such, we’re removing the Notes and Tags features on the LinkedIn profile, which allowed you to add notes and tags to your connections, to help manage your professional relationships. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, so please know that you can download this information through March 31, 2017. You’ll find instructions below.

As an active user of Notes and Tags, you will find similar functionality in LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. To see if Sales Navigator is right for you, we are offering you a free three-month trial*, which will allow you to transfer and view your existing notes and tags. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a product we launched a couple of years ago and is targeted at sales professionals – it lets you keep track of your existing relationships, research your network, and find new leads with tailored recommendations.

Below you’ll find instructions on how to download and transfer your data as well as information regarding your free Sales Navigator trial.

Well, I guess they aren’t going to totally get rid of them, but they are going to make you pay for them if you want to continue using them. It’s all about the money! I have been using tags to differentiate my connections for many years now. It is something that I teach in my LinkedIn workshops as a valuable searchable tool. Now, I will have to make sure I stress the importance of keywords in your profile even more.

AND on top of this, I just saw the roll-out of the new personal profile. Upon investigation, it makes more sense about how to add things, but the functionality has changed and I don’t know if it will come back. You used to be able to reorganize the sections and at this time until the roll-out is complete, you can’t do that. All this change all at the same time!!! It is one of the reasons why I love and hate social media because it is always changing. Not always for the better!

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Showcase pages on LinkedIn – what Value?

To showcase or not to showcase – that is the question!

Recently in an on-line forum I use as a resource tool, I ran across a question from another user asking about how to remove a showcase page.

I maintain one for my business LinkedIn page just to explain and demonstrate. For my purposes, that is the only benefit I see for them.

If you are a large company with a number of product lines that are diverse enough that someone wouldn’t want to see posts or information about your other products, it would be worthwhile to consider a showcase page. Several questions to ask yourself are:

  1. What kind of content will I post that is different than I would post to my general company page?
  2. Is there enough content to post at least a weekly update to the showcase page?
  3. Do I have the time or manpower to dedicate to posting on a showcase page in addition to the other pages I have on all of my social media channels?

If you have substantive answers for each of these three questions you may want to create a showcase page for your product or service identity in addition to your overall company page.

Here is what you would do:

  1. Go to your company page
  2. Click the edit
  3. Select Create Showcase page

Fill in all of the appropriate information and add an icon and header image.

Once created if you need to make edits or delete the page do the following:

  1. Click on your company page. Find the showcase page on the lower right side.
  2. Click on the Showcase page.
  3. Click the edit button.

Make your changes or go to the bottom right and remove the page.

Remember that if you are going to have a showcase page, it really should have some activity on it.

Not everyone is big enough or diverse enough to benefit from the efforts needed to create and maintain a LinkedIn Company Showcase page.

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Is Professional in your LinkedIn Headline?

If the word Professional is in your LinkedIn headline, you need to consider removing it.

If you are a professional singer, dancer, actor, sports figure, OK, you can professional dancerleave the word in your headline. But if you have any level of notoriety on a professional level, you probably aren’t using LinkedIn to help you advance your products and services.

One of the things that I advise in my LinkedIn workshops and one-on-one coaching is to remove the word professional from your headline. It is a dead give away that you are in job search mode. My thought pattern is this – if you were employed and were using your job title as your headline, does your job title say “National Sales Representative Professional”? If you are currently employed are you no longer a professional at what you do, when you were a professional when you did not have a current position?

Instead I suggest that you employ the keyword tactic. If you want to read more about this, read this article that I published. Using keywords helps you in the search algorithms and doesn’t make you look like you are looking for your next opportunity.

Other words that you should consider removing from your headline, especially if they are the majority of your headline, include:

  • Seeking next opportunity
  • Targeting XYZ Roles
  • Actively “anything”
  • Seasoned
  • Determined
  • Experienced

All of these words are a dead give-away you are in job search mode.

I also recommend that you don’t use them in your summary until, at the very most, if at all, the last sentence.

Participants ask, what do they do about having a current job. Put it in your profile so that your profile gets to All-Star status, but grab and drag it below a job that is in your career field.

Remember that when you do land your next position and update your profile that you don’t lose all the effort you put in to update your headline with keywords.

If you need to work on your profile, give me a call. We can work in-person or via a webinar.

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Keywords in LinkedIn

Are you making the most of keywords in your LinkedIn profile?

There are three places in a LinkedIn profile where the search algorithms binocularsuse keywords to help you come up in search results. Your headline, summary and skills & endorsements. Do you need to find out what your keywords are?

Take 5 job descriptions to which you would actually apply. Copy the text out of the description and requirements from each of the jobs.

Next, find a word cloud creator. One of the ones I have been using recently is Paste all of those descriptions and requirements into word cloud. Create! The results should give you the most important words that should be included in the three key LinkedIn elements.

Once you have those all important keywords, figure out the right order in linkedin-keywordsyour headline to place them. The current style for a headline is separating the keywords with the pipe symbol. Look at the picture to find the key. When you separate the words | it | looks | like | this. You can look at my profile if you want to see what I did with my keywords.

Next, make sure that the skills you have listed under skills and endorsements include those keywords. Try to get endorsed for those keyword skills. Of your listed skills, your keywords should have the most endorsements.

Last, include your keywords in your summary – and any other parts of your profile. One technique that I employ is to list the keyword, followed by a sentence or two explaining how I handled a situation about it.

Make the best use of keywords in your profile and your name should show up in search results more frequently!

If you need help with your profile, I am available to help you optimize your profile to help you land your next great gig.



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LinkedIn Mobile versus Desktop for your Profile

Can you get the best results for your profile from LinkedIn Mobile?

I just read an article by Catherine Fisher from the official LinkedIn Blog. She has some really great points. This quote is perfect for expressing my opinion of LinkedIn as well.

The biggest challenge most of us face in today’s world is finding time. But making the time to ensure your professional story reflects your achievements and future goals is key to not missing your next opportunity.

Read the whole article here

While I totally agree with what Catherine says, I truly feel that what you can do with LinkedIn from your phone or tablet is a fraction of what you can do if you finesse your profile from a desktop or laptop. mobile vs. desktopI have even noticed a difference in the functionality of LinkedIn between a touch-screen and not.

There are so many things that you can do with LinkedIn. One of my most recent favorites is to add projects to your profile. This gives you the ability to describe a major project = accomplishment in your profile. And best yet is, if you worked with other people in the project, you get to include them in your project description. People who view your projects on your profile or the project on the other people’s profile get to see you too!

The things that I recommend you not miss in your profile are the things all star status on LinkedInthat equate to having a 100% complete “All-Star” status profile. How you use those sections is how much higher your profile will pull in search results. Just like Catherine, you need a profile photo, a summary, a key list of your skills, and a current job. What I also suggest is that you incorporate your searchable keywords in as many of those areas as possible, including your headline.

So all in all, I find that when I really want to work with a person to optimize their profile, I prefer to work on a desktop or a laptop than on a mobile device. LinkedIn is going to have to step up their game with the mobile app if they want people to use the mobile app more frequently.

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