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Do you get invitations from people you don’t know? Use the Reply Don’t Accept Yet feature

I get a ton of invitations from people that I have not ever met. I bet you do too or your wouldn’t necessarily be reading this. I have a solution for you that I have been using ever since I found out about the option. It is one of my Gotta Love this list of features on LinkedIn – reply don’t accept yet.

This has changed over the years, and I pray that LinkedIn never eliminates this feature. Change it how you want, but puhleeeeze LinkedIn keep it!!!

Here you go:

Hover over the Invitation Icon next to your picture in the Upper Right hand corner of LinkedIn screen. You should see the words “See All” next to the Pending Invitations. This works best from a laptop or desktop instead of a tablet. Click the “See All”.

A new screen will appear with all of your invitations – see below:

LinkedIn reply don't accept 1

If an invitation has a pair of conversation icons, it means that the invitation was personalized. If it has an arrow, it was not. Click the arrow in the corner.

A new window will open and a conversation option will appear where you can ask the potential contact – “Please refresh my memory of how we may have met. I like to tag my connections for future reference.”

After that, if the person replies to you, you can decide whether to accept the invitation or not!

Don’t forget to tag you new connections. Need to know how to do that? Read this article. It is a few years old, but the concept is valid. I will write an updated version later this month.

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