Are you new to working remotely?

With the spread of Covid19, many employees who can have been working from home. This could be new for some people. I have been working remotely since 2011. So this is old hat for me.

working remotely home office

Yeah , it looks kind of messy but…


All sorts of tips and articles have been posted but here is what I have experienced and would like to share.

Working remotely – Early on…

Early in my working remotely experience, I was easily distracted. Oh, I have this laundry to do, let me walk out to the mailbox and get the mail, look at those dishes in the sink, and all sorts of other distractions.

I noticed, I would start working early in the morning and forget to walk the dog. I would work very late and forget to start dinner. After dinner, I would work some more and then I couldn’t get to sleep, or I would wake up because I thought of something I needed to do.

Networking was still part of my routine, but it was cut back measurably.

As business picked up, I fell into a decent routine.

Working remotely – Now…

With my right brain and probably an undiagnosed ADD issue, I can still be easily distracted but here is what happens regularly.

I get up, walk the dog right away, fix breakfast, do a few chores and try to be at my desk by 9AM. Somedays it is earlier, but that is my goal. If I feel my attention waning, I will take a lap around the house, check out a snack or fill my water, let the dog in or out depending. Then right back to it.

Some articles say get up get ready for work just like you would normally, but I look at my calendar and see if I have to be at any appointments or networking events and if not, I stay in whatever clothes I walked the dog in. I am more comfortable that way.

Whatever I eat, I normally bring it into the office and eat while working. Yeah I know, you are supposed to get away and eat to give your brain a break but that is what networking luncheons are for in addition to meeting new people.

Now, I don’t work after 6PM unless it is on one of my volunteer projects.

If I have errands to run, I schedule them for a slow period or between projects to give my brain a break. The advantage is where I have to go is usually less crowded mid afternoon or morning and I get in and out faster.

What I miss by working remotely…

I do miss talking with co-workers, but there are these things called phones and I use mine regularly. Co-workers can be a distraction.

What I like about working remotely…

I have gotten to learn about a bunch of cool computer programs that allow me to work with a team of people in other places. I regularly use Zoom for webinars and meetings. One client taught me about Trello, that I taught to another client who taught one of his clients…. I use Teams with one client and that is often better for quick communications than a phone call, plus it allows for phone calls, video calls and screen sharing.

My commute is the best part of working from home. I walk 15 feet from the bedroom to my office.

Now, the one thing here is I don’t have small children to distract me or that require my attention during my day, but I do have a husband – ‘nuf said?

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