Blogging – why should you?

Do you write a blog for your business?  If not, why not? If yes, Congrats! Read this article to get Hubspots writer Pamela Vaughan’s perspective.

Let me boil down my perspective on BUSINESS blogs –blogoptions

1. Blogs need to be attached to your website – why give another platform your SEO.  There are a number of options from which you can choose.  But a self-hosted blog that has a static page option will give you the most flexibility.  If it is attached to your website then search bots will recognize the changes and it helps boost your pages in the search engines.

2. Share what you write – post to social media.  Always use an image in the body of your blog article so that the post gets more attentionSocial Media post with image on social media. Remember people are visual and an image will grab their attention. If you don’t have an image, all they will see if the text from the post.

3. Provide expertise – what do you know that you can share that will position you as an authority in your field.  Let’s face it, almost everything has already been said or what you are about to say is your opinion.  Make your opinion sought after by others. BUT do not give misleading facts.  It is too easy to check to see if you are accurate about what you are saying.

What other sort of things do you include in your blog articles?

Pictures are worth 1000 words…What about Video?

The old saying goes a picture is worth a 1000 words.  So if video is a whole bunch of pictures strung together, it must be worth BILLIONS of words.

When you need to know how to do something, where do you go? YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine with over 4 million searches a day.  Will you be found?youtube_logo

Thanks to Kathy at GB Productions, I have an Introduction video and FAQ video.  As I write more blog articles, I include a variety of recorded how-to’s that also sit on my YouTube channel.  Not only is video useful on your YouTube channel, but it can be added to LinkedIn Company profiles, embedded on your website, into blog posts, shared on Pinterest and Facebook, and on and on.

When you need to know how to do something, where do you go?  Will your business videos be found when potential customers are searching?


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