One of the most important things that you can have on your website is a blog.  It gives you the opportunity to express your opinions on topics that are current to your field, create ideas, and share your expertise.

Another element of blogging is being asked to “Guest Blog” for someone else.  Welcome Guest BloggerThis is another way to have your opinion shared and potentially viewed by another entirely different audience.  This is especially beneficial for you if that blog has a high RSS feed with a large number of subscribers.  It could lead to instant fame! Now being realistic, it opens up several opportunities:

  • inbound links to your website and  other articles that you reference in what you write.
  • Your name appears in search results somewhere besides on your LinkedIn profile and your own website.
  • Your authority on a topic expands by being posted on someone else’s website
  • Gives you a reference point for your website to post in an article like this or on your “Credits” page.  Read one of my guest posts here.
  • Cross linking opportunities between you and the blog on which you guest posted help both of your SEO rankings.

Another great way to get your expertise noticed is if someone asks to share one of your blog posts in their newsletter.  As long as they give you credit and a link to your blog post, you should be honored. This is a link to one of those for me (Page 3).

When someone asks you to be a guest blogger ask what they would like you to write about, how many words, do they need an associated image, and whether they would like a link to a specific page on your website or just the home page.

Here’s hoping to a boatload of pingbacks!


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