At a recent meeting, I overheard someone say that an entire campaign was going to be directed to a Facebook page.  Is Facebook your only strategy?  Are you relying on one method to get your message out, build your brand, or manage your customer service?  Most people will probably be answering that they have more than one path to lead clients to their information. But where are your potential clients being directed to find your information?

Back to the meeting, Facebook is a great option especially if you are a B2C business with a storefront.  But so many people, believe it or not, do not use Facebook or any social media on a regular basis.  So what you do for your marketing strategy truly depends upon your audience.

If you haven’t already heard it before, here goes – your website should be the hub of all of your hubmarketing efforts.  It is the repository of your on-line brochure, the way to contact you for more information, your blog – where your share your opinions and expertise, and a gallery of examples.

Everything that you do, whether it is phone calls, emails, brochures, direct mail or social media, should drive back to your hub – your website.

If you need assistance in learning more about how to do that with social media, please contact me so that we can schedule some one-on-one time or so you can find out if there is an upcoming workshop that you might be able to attend.

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