When you meet someone new at a networking event, do you immediately go back to your office and invite them to connect on LinkedIn?  Do you use the generic invitation?

If you do and that person sees your invitation a month from now because they aren’t an active user, how will they remember who you are or where they met you.  Please personalize your invitations.

Today we are going to talk about tagging the connections that you accept.

You will see the words “View Profile”.  Select that and it will take you to the person’s profile.  Find the contact information area and select “Edit tags”.  That is where you can put the information that will help you identify the person.  You can watch this video and it will take you through step by step.

Are your connections tagged?


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    Thanks for this, I found it very helpful. Question: can anyone other than myself see the tag descriptions of a connection?

    Thanks…..and remember…ever day is a good day, some are just one hell’va lot better than others……my goal is to die young at heart at a very advanced age….

    HG Buddy Suttle

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      When you tag a connection, you are the only one who will see that tag. That way, you can label it to help you remember.

      I like your goal – mine is to be over 80 yrs old and drop after making my second hole-in-one of the day.

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    Networking connections are so powerful. Thanks for this terrific tip to help us further identify the ‘where’ & ‘when’ of our new networking partners.

  3. Joy Christensen


    Read one of the discussions you generated on linkedin…went to profile…now I know how to tag you! I then went to your website and felt a heart pang as I recognized Kane county…construction company…my husband and I met at Judson College…now the Judson University…we have a construction company…I have really enjoyed reading what you do!

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    Thank you for posting this. Somehow I have a “friends” default tag and it had been bothering me for a while. Unfortunately, I think I may have to change all of them manually. Are you on twitter? Mine is @MarthaBucaram

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      The tags are based upon the type of invitation that is sent. If the person invites you as a friend, then the tag is “Friend”, etc. You can change the tag and add others.

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