Recent Profile Changes, so…

If you haven’t already changed it, Twitter made an update to include a header image on your profile, LinkedIn company pages now include a header image on the overview page, and Facebook always has some update in the works or just changed. So…

My thought is: for new visitors to your platform, you need to have everything optimized to take advantage of all the real estate the various tools are allowing you.  The BIG question is – once you follow a brand on social media how often do you return to their page?  If you are like most people, you see the “welcome” or profile page when you sign up because that is where you landed.  I propose ( I am sure I am not the first) the theory that almost everyone just sees your updates in their streams of whatever platform they happen to be looking at at that moment.

So engagement is key. Is it more important to drive people to your website, your blog or to your profile page on a social media platform?  Tell me your opinion!

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