I just read in a white paper that blog writers should be posting at least 3, yes you read that right, three times a week.  In essence what this does is helps to drive your search ranking higher in the search engines.

For example, the bots come to your website on December 1, they don’t return to your site for 30 days.  If the bots see that you have more activity, they re-calibrate and return more frequently causing your pages to rise in the search engines.

This helps you with your website optimization by raising your ranking naturally in the organic searches.

So, how often do you post?  Once, twice, three times (a lady by Lionel Richie) a week, according to that logic, the more you post the better for your rankings.

When was the last time you went past the first page of search results when you entered a keyword?  When was the last time you clicked on a “sponsored” search result?

Two tips to help you rise in the ranks organically are:

  1. Make sure your page titles are unique, tagged and categorized, especially if they are blog posts.
  2. Ensure your metadata, descriptions and keywords used in text are all similar.
Another help to edging you up in the rankings are backlinks. You can build them yourself by adding the various social media sites and adding your website to that line in the profile information.  Another way to build backlinks is to provide useful comments on others blogs and include a “link back” to your site. I have seen services on the web that will sell you the service to help you build the back links, but is it worth the potential scam possibilities?
SOOO, how many times will you be blogging from now on?

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    Another fantastic article. Thank you for the great advice! I try to post two or more times per week, but I only started doing so in 2012. In the past I have been guilty of letting 30+ days lapse between posts. In only a month and a half, my blog has quadrupled in visitors by upping my monthly/weekly posts. I attribute some of this to the simple fact that even my current readers come back often when they know there will be new content.

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