Top 5 LinkedIn Business Page Tips – Activity

The Top 5 LinkedIn Business Page Tips cover Descriptions, Products & ServicesImageryRecommendations, and finally Activity

Top 5 LinkedIn Business Page Tips – Activity

One of the keys to LinkedIn in general is to do more than just collect connections. Social media, of which LinkedIn is one of the tools is about being social. Sharing, communicating, and listening is part of being social. While LinkedIn isn’t the spot where you share what you had for lunch, it may be the place to post that you are attending a networking luncheon with a few colleagues whom you can tag in your profile posts and the company if they have a company page. So how can you build the activity level on LinkedIn with your company page?

  1. If you are hiring new employees, you can post those jobs on LinkedIn.  There is an associated cost if you use the job board features. If you don’t, you can still use the status updates on LinkedIn company pages to share a link the listing on your website.
  2. Create a group associated with your company to serve as a forum.  This is especially LinkedIn Company Status Updategood if you could use it as a customer service frequently ANSWERED questions area.
  3. Post status updates regularly. Use this area to post newly written blog articles that will take readers back to your website. Share information useful to your industry.
  4. Share your company status updates, when appropriate, to groups to which you belong. Here is another article on sharing company status updates to groups.
  5. Use the option to create a variation on your company page based on audience. If you have different products that would be more useful to New York vs. Chicago, create a specific landing page in LinkedIn for the New Yorkers. Perhaps a job title might be the defining demographic for the alternate page.

Whatever you do, do something!  There is nothing worse than finding an “abandoned page”. It is better to have done nothing than to start and not follow-through.

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