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Top 5 LinkedIn Business Page Tips – Recommendations

Most people are aware that word of mouth will get you, sometimes, as much business as paid advertising. So how do you get that word of mouth promotion on your LinkedIn company page?  The answer is to ask your clients to recommend specific products or services on your companies’ business page.  Let’s take a look – Use LinkedIn Products to your company's advantage.

On the right side of this image, you see that there are 3 recommendations for this particular product.  Those recommendations equal word of mouth.  Below the number of impressions is a spot where you can request recommendations. Once you click on that, a box pops up that you can send a request for a recommendation to anyone to whom you are a first degree connection.

LinkedIn product recommendation

The next bit of advice is something that I recommend for every component of LinkedIn that gives you a prepared message. DON’T USE IT!  You can very easily personalize the messages that LinkedIn offers, so please do so!  Additionally, when asking for recommendations for your products or for you personally, don’t make the person do all of the work.  Offer some language that you would like to see in your recommendation.  Perhaps it is the keywords associated with the product or key marketing phrases that you use to brand your products or services.

The pay-it-forward concept works here as well.  If you wish to express your positive experience with a product or service by a company, don’t wait for them to ask – write! Who knows, depending upon your own skills and products, this could forge a great working relationship!

Hopefully, you will be able to give and receive with this Top 5 LinkedIn Business Page Tip by participating in the recommendation process.

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