Over the next few posts, we will be discussing the Top 5 LinkedIn Business Tips.


When performing an “organic” search for your company name, what results do you find?  In GoogleResultsmost cases your LinkedIn company profile will be in 2nd or 3rd position. That is how powerful your LinkedIn company profile can be for your business.  Typically, the only thing that will preempt the prime position is if you have map locations.

Since LinkedIn falls so high in the search results, that means to me that a LinkedIn company profile is important for your business. Here are the components that make up the Top 5 LinkedIn Business Tips:

  1. Description
  2. Products & Services
  3. Imagery
  4. Recommendations
  5. Activity

Description –

Just like your personal profile, your company profile requires a description that should help your company show up in search results. You accomplish that with keywords for which your business might be found when doing a search in LinkedIn. Make sure that you include specialties based on keywords.  Search algorithms work best when you can make those keywords relevant.

One of the features that LinkedIn offers is to publish Showcase Pages that are designed for spotlighting a brand, business unit, or initiative. This allows you to create up to 10 feature pages for specific aspects of your business with individualized messages directed to defined audience segments.

In the next few articles in the series of Top 5 LinkedIn Business Tips, we will discuss the other aspects of your business profile: Products & Services, ImageryRecommendationsActivity

Need more information on your personal profile? Read the LinkedIn – top 5 Tips – series on the following: PhotosCompleteConnectionsInvitations, Participate

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