4 Reasons to Blog

Why should you write a blog?  You certainly don’t have to write it or anything. Remember whatthe-only-thing-certain-is-death-and-taxes Ben Franklin said!

Quite frankly, you might be able to run your business, especially if it is a B2C business without ever writing a blog article or updating your website, BUT, why not? Here are a few reasons you should:

  1. Big Picture – Search bots from the major search engines love to see changes on your website.  If they don’t, they tend to take longer and longer to return to “rank” your site. The more frequently your site has a change, if even only infinitesimal, the bots notice and return more quickly. Blogging helps that happen.
  2. Expertise – when you write a blog, you establish your expertise on a subject.  It could be good beers, good Mexican restaurants, or why you need to blog or use social media. This helps those who might be searching for someone with your talents find you a bit more easily.
  3. Opinions – Sometimes you just need to express yourself. Remember that this could come back to bite you, but in most cases, it could possibly lead to notoriety.  For example someone I know writes book reviews.  She has developed a huge following. Some people, like “mommy bloggers” have even been able to monetize the whole writing blogs thing. If someone else has written an article, use that article as a base for your post (giving proper credit or link), then provide your opinions about what the other person has written.
  4. Authorship – when you add a tool such as Google Authorship to the items you write, it does two things – it drives your website up in rank as we mentioned in item #1 and it helps get your name noticed if you happen to provide guest posts on other blogs.

Blogs are best when attached to your website instead of on another tool like Blogger, Tumbler or Typepad. As noted, you can write about your products, services, and opinions. Throughout all of this remember to drive readers back to other parts of your website, such as a services page or a specific link back to the product you might be discussing.

Blogs don’t have to be long. In my opinion, they just have to “be”.

I would love to read your thoughts.


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