Make your Breaks Count

Taking a Break may make all the difference!

This recent article from Fast Company, addressed the benefits of who, what and when we take a mid-day break. Since I work from home, I am very guilty of going into the kitchen, making lunch or breakfast, heading back to the computer, and eating while I work.  I have noticed, that when I have a meeting to attend or a luncheon for which I have to leave the house, my day, while broken up, seems to be a bit more focused.brainstorm

Making sure that you take a break every now and then is refreshing to the body and soul, but can also be the cause of a new inspiration or break-through idea.

What do you do when you need to brain-storm? You find another person or a group of people to share and get your creative juices flowing.  When you work by yourself at your desk all day, you may become complacent and not have that awe-inspiring idea that will get you the next contract, a promotion or kudos for the job you do.

What are some of your favorite break-time activities?

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