Coffee Shops or Social Media

I am a huge advocate of social media.  That is stating the obvious, since it is how I make a living. While saying that, I need to say it is not the only tool you should use to market your business or is it? This Forbes article struck a chord with me.Why Social Media Isnt Doing For Us What Londons Coffee Houses Did For 17th Century – Forbes.

According to the article, using social media may help you spark the creativity and gain the new Time2Mrkt New Ideasideas that you need to be more effective on your job. That is what the coffee houses of the 17th century did. The coffee houses were bemoaned as a waste of time, much like people bemoan Facebook or Pinterest calling them and social media in general a time-sucking black hole. But, how many times have you found the answer or the spark for something that you needed on one of the social media platforms? How often do you turn to YouTube for the how-to of something you need to accomplish or learn? I would have to say frequently.

Today in the coffee houses, most people have their faces glued to a device of some sort, so it makes it next to impossible to strike up a conversation with a stranger. Unless you are attending a networking event, you may not meet anyone new or be able to get the spark of creativity. For people like me that work independently, we need a resource for brainstorming. Sometimes I turn to groups on LinkedIn, sometimes, I float around on Pinterest or Houzz for construction ideas. I receive a number of e-news letters that sometimes give me the spark to write an article like this one.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Make your Breaks Count

Taking a Break may make all the difference!

This recent article from Fast Company, addressed the benefits of who, what and when we take a mid-day break. Since I work from home, I am very guilty of going into the kitchen, making lunch or breakfast, heading back to the computer, and eating while I work.  I have noticed, that when I have a meeting to attend or a luncheon for which I have to leave the house, my day, while broken up, seems to be a bit more focused.brainstorm

Making sure that you take a break every now and then is refreshing to the body and soul, but can also be the cause of a new inspiration or break-through idea.

What do you do when you need to brain-storm? You find another person or a group of people to share and get your creative juices flowing.  When you work by yourself at your desk all day, you may become complacent and not have that awe-inspiring idea that will get you the next contract, a promotion or kudos for the job you do.

What are some of your favorite break-time activities?


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