YouTube, Jing and Twitter

I love when I learn something new.

I have had my YouTube channel for quite some time.  I set everything up when I decided on a company name.  The channel has been sitting out there alone and unloved, until today!!!

I needed to show a client a how-to on changing their Twitter background.  So I enlisted the help of a new tool – Jing (recommended in this post) to complete a screen capture.  The beauty of it is, I was able to upload it directly to YouTube.  Just that simple. (three takes later).

The point is, using social media to help others and promote your business can be as easy as having the right tools.

Want to see the video?

How to change your Twitter background

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Favorite New Tools

It seems like the more you learn, the more you don’t know.  There are so many new tools and features available on a daily, if not hourly basis, that no one person can keep up with it all.

Since the first of the year I have found out, or set up accounts in several new platforms.

Pinterest – a photo sharing social network.  Right now you need to be invited or be put on the wait list.  So many articles are out now to show you how to customize this for your business.


PitchEngine – a press release site for you to share your news and have your events or products found.



Google + – this platform is now up to 90 million plus users and growing exponentially. You can now have business pages and add admins to your pages.


Jing – a cool little tool that lets you grab screen shots very easily.  I love this tool and use it to grab screen shots to post to Facebook or Google+ to show people how to do things.


What new tool have you found for 2012?

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