LinkedIn adds a “Classmates” feature

LinkedIn added a new feature to help you find the classmates from your college or university.  I couldn’t find the feature in LinkedIn.  I had to click on this link from the LinkedIn blog article I read. (

I logged out and logged back in and still cannot find where LinkedIn has updated the menu bar to include this feature.

The feature runs by the college(s) in your profile and the years you enter.  Once the scan is complete, you get a listing of where they work, what they do and the towns where they reside.  A list of the contacts shows up and shows you what degree of connection they are.

I can see this being useful if you went to a school where you might remember some of your classmates, or graduated in the near recent past so that you might still be in touch with some of them.  For me, I went to a university that served a large commuter population so many years ago that it doesn’t appear to be a significant benefit to me.  I might change my mind as I investigate the connections further.