Customize your LinkedIn URL

Customize your LinkedIn URL for better traffic

Why would you want to customize your LinkedIn URL? Does your LinkedIn public profile link look like this –

or like this (with your name of course) >>> LinkedIn public profile url If it doesn’t follow these directions or watch the quick how-to video below.

Step 1 – Go to Profile > Edit Profile

Step 2 – Find the URL in the box below your image

Step 3 – Select Edit

Step 4 – In the right hand column find the box that says “Customize your public profile URL”

Step 5 – Type in your name – no caps or spaces.  You may need to add a middle initial or a number to your name. If you must add a number, use one that is significant to you, not just the ones that LinkedIn suggests.

Step 6 – Add the link to your resume, other on-line profiles, business cards (networking cards)

You can view a how-to video on how to customize your LinkedIn URL on YouTube by clicking below.

Where else would a customized LinkedIn URL come in handy? Do people connect to you or your business? If they can find you directly, it may make the difference in landing that next big contract or job!

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3 words or 30 seconds

I attend a great deal of networking events. Often you go around the room with 3or30introductions. What starts out as succinct introductions can turn into a life story.  Sometimes if you attend multiple events, your introduction might turn into a robotic statement.

One group I attend often asks for your introduction and then answer a fun question so that attendees get to know the personal side of you better.  It seems that when the speaker has completed talking about their income generating life and starts into the fun side their enthusiasm is reflected in their body language and vocal cues. How can you represent that same enthusiasm with your introduction about your job?

Conquering the right way to deliver your elevator pitch can be a challenge. Do you have enough time to deliver meaning in 30 seconds? One group limited the introduction to name, company and 3 words that describe what you do. This is great to make you think about the best 3 words that describe your business.  If they are keywords that is even better.  Use them everywhere in your marketing to promote yourself on your website or social media.

Sometimes though, we do need to have that 30 second elevator pitch in our pocket.  Use the tips from this article How To Perfect Your Elevator Pitch. To stay on point – but avoid the robotics!

Which method do you prefer when giving your introductions?

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How do you use Networking?

I’ve written about networking in the past. But it bears repeating.  As much as I LOVE social networkingmedia and especially LinkedIn, I realize that you cannot ignore face to face networking.

Recently, I met with a gentleman that called me based on a referral from one of his connections. When I walked into my office away from office, a Panera, I immediately recognized the man with whom I was about to meet.  We had both been at a local chamber networking event. He had been drawn to my booth display and wanted to find out more, but was pulled in several directions and we never were able to connect.

As we chatted, we discovered that our goals and desires to further our business were similar and that we could become excellent referral partners for each other.

The following article was written with job seekers in mind, but from my point of view, everyone could benefit from the suggestions that it makes. 6 Ways To Beat The Ugly Networking Stigma

Here are my questions to you –

  1. Do you network face-to-face?
  2. What do you gain from your networking?
  3. Do you look at networking as a chore or a pleasure?
  4. When you network, do you enter into the arena with the pay-it-forward philosophy?
  5. If you can’t do business with someone, can you become a power partner or referral partner with them?
  6. Do you expect immediate results from your networking activities?


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How do you Network?

Networking can help you find a job or find a business contact.  This article 4 Steps to Getting the Most Out of Networking addresses a couple of key points.  Here is my perspective:

Attending networking events for me serves 2 purposes:

  1. To refresh the memory of the people that I know that I am “around”. When they see my face, they remember – hopefully – what I do and that by seeing me, they may need to reach out to me for the service I provide or the product that I sell.
  2. To meet new contacts to find out how I can help them or how they might in turn be able to assist me.

Do you spend time talking and chatting with the people that you know? Smaller groups that you attend regularly can present a challenge. You have gotten to know many of the regular attendees and some individuals tend to gravitate toward the people they know.     This scenario fulfills the first of my purposes.  It lets me check in with someone or perhaps have a brief conversation face-to-face that I had been hoping to accomplish.  It might even allow you to close a deal!

Alternatively, do you reach out to the new face in the crowd?  Many groups, especially chambers of commerce, have ambassadors who  help the new person meet people within the group.  People who tend toward introversion may have difficulty in groups without ambassadors.  Personally, I like to go up to the person standing by themselves and introduce myself.  Those of you who know me, know I am so shy (wink wink).

Are you like the bee and float from flower to flower, or do you spend time trying to get to know the new person you just met?

Once you meet that new person, what do you do? Not everyone is going to be your ideal prospect, but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t connected with someone who is.  When I teach LinkedIn, my mantra is – it’s not about who you know, it’s about who they know.

We all know we need to network whether it is in-person or on-line.  What is your favorite approach?  What is your favorite follow-up process?

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One of my Favorite Things

If the song from the Sound of Music – Favorite Things

could be rewritten to my thinking social media and LinkedIn would be included as one of the items in the list. LinkedIn is one of my favorite social media tools. Whenever I see an article on LinkedIn, I take a peek.  Often the titles are the X number of tools or things you don’t know about LinkedIn.

I have found that there seem to be two types of users:

  1. The person that collects connections and updates their resume
  2. The person who participates in groups, answers questions and shares status updates.
The more often you participate in LinkedIn by sharing via groups, status updates or showing

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your expertise when answering questions, the more frequently your name appears in your connections updates stream.

This article about announcements raises some good points about direct communication to group members, but unsolicited emails could cause frustration, which we do not want to do when trying to generate leads.

Remember that by participating regularly, your connections will see your name and will be reminded each time they do of what you do or where you work.  As much as we would like things to be simple, they aren’t always easy.  Networking face-to-face and building relationships is often the way to increasing the on-line relationships that you have established.

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