I happen to be a “pro” user in Hootsuite to enable me to manage my multiple client accounts (that means I pay a monthly fee to have more than the minimum profiles). One of my biggest recent challenges was the ability to post something to Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn company pages, I would have to log in to three separate accounts, post my post and go to the next account to post there even if it was the same post for multiple clients – like 4th .

Today I stumbled upon the fact that I can now add the LinkedIn company pages of which I am a manager to my Hootsuite account. YEAH!!!

This video shows how to create one stream for all of the channels you manage for your business.

Another feature that I would like to see is the addition of my personal Google+ page to my stream, and the ability to see the pages that my business fan pages follow in Facebook.  If you are a Hootsuite user, you can select this link and vote on features that you would like to see Hootsuite develop or review.

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  2. John McLaren-Stewart


    Thats a cool way to help, much appreciated. But, I still can’t see how to connect the company page to Hootsuite.

    In my case I am the administrator for our company page, but when I attempt to add LinkedIn to Hootsuite it connects to my profile. This means when I post a blog I it attaches to my personal profile rather than the company page?

    Im clearly doing something wrong, can you help? 🙂

    • Reply

      Hi John,

      Thanks for your comments. When you try to connect any of the platforms to Hootsuite, it will ask you to link to your personal profile so the application can function. Once you log-in, you can then select what group or page you want to add. The biggest challenge with LinkedIn and company pages is the API for LinkedIn allows you to see all of your groups but only 10 pages. If you administer more than one company like I do, and if you have created the maximum number of showcase pages that LinkedIn lets you build, you might not see the page that you want to connect!!

      Thanks for reading. Let me know if you need any other tips. I will write an article for you.

      • Jen


        Hi Dee-

        Is there a way to reorder the companies so that I can choose the 10 I want to show up?

        I manage several company pages but only schedule posts for a handful of them. One’s that do not need to be added in Hootsuite are showing up and others that I want added are not.

        Thanks in advance for you help!

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          I found the same challenge. There is an API with LinkedIn that Hootsuite has not been able to overcome. My suggestion would be to remove your admin rights from the pages that you no longer need to access, to bring your selection list down to 10 if possible.

          Straight from Hootsuite’s Help Chat –
          Our team has been working at length with LinkedIn’s development team, but there are certain API restrictions which prevent us from displaying more than 10 LinkedIn Pages at a time during the Add Social Network Process. While this may change in the future, we will be unable to continue working on it until LinkedIn updates their API agreement with us.
          LinkedIn has suggested a work around of creating a secondary admin profile for the pages that remain to be imported and adding them to HootSuite under that alternate set of credentials. Alternately if you already have a second admin on the company page, their credentials can be used for the originally missed set of pages.

  3. John McLaren-Stewart


    Thanks Dee…nice of you to reply. I’m afraid I’ defeated by this one!

    When I add my personal LinkedIn all is fine. I can post to it and our company twitter and personal twitter account, but not the company LinkedIn page.

    When I try to add a stream and click on my LinkedIn profile I only get three options. My Updates, Scheduled Updates and All Updates. The ‘company page’ one doesn’t appear although I can see it on Hootsuite if I uncheck my LinkedIn profile…

    Fed up with it all now 🙁

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  5. john


    :(nope…doesn’t work for me. All the way to add Personal LinkedIn, then after that I only have three stream options..My Updates, Scheduled Updates and All Updates. Nothing about adding a company page…


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