How do you use Networking?

I’ve written about networking in the past. But it bears repeating.  As much as I LOVE social networkingmedia and especially LinkedIn, I realize that you cannot ignore face to face networking.

Recently, I met with a gentleman that called me based on a referral from one of his connections. When I walked into my office away from office, a Panera, I immediately recognized the man with whom I was about to meet.  We had both been at a local chamber networking event. He had been drawn to my booth display and wanted to find out more, but was pulled in several directions and we never were able to connect.

As we chatted, we discovered that our goals and desires to further our business were similar and that we could become excellent referral partners for each other.

The following article was written with job seekers in mind, but from my point of view, everyone could benefit from the suggestions that it makes. 6 Ways To Beat The Ugly Networking Stigma

Here are my questions to you –

  1. Do you network face-to-face?
  2. What do you gain from your networking?
  3. Do you look at networking as a chore or a pleasure?
  4. When you network, do you enter into the arena with the pay-it-forward philosophy?
  5. If you can’t do business with someone, can you become a power partner or referral partner with them?
  6. Do you expect immediate results from your networking activities?


Author: DeeReinhardt

Social media, marketing and community relations specialist aiming to help people build their on-line presence with as many social media tools with which they feel comfortable.

2 thoughts on “How do you use Networking?”

  1. Excellent! I am so glad that someone understands that it is still necessary to be able to speak face to face, one on one with another individual. Unfortunately, i think that skill is becoming a thing of the past and that is very sad. NOt only for business, but in personal social situations, i see young people that can only connect with others on their phone, even while in a room full of people. Networking for a job and to promote one’s business is still incredibly valuable.

  2. Katie. I so agree with your concerns about younger people. I’m very worried that they are not learning how to ‘engage’ in person with their peers let alone senior people in the workplace. Conducting business is all about getting on with others, working as a team, understanding each others’ views and coming up with the best way forward together. And most often it’s best to do this face-to-face. I can see a time when we may need to be giving courses in how to do this. .

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