Top 5 LinkedIn Business Page Tips – Recommendations

Top 5 LinkedIn Business Page Tips – Recommendations is next in the series for business. Topics for your business page previously covered include: Products & ServicesImagery, and next will be Activity

Top 5 LinkedIn Business Page Tips – Recommendations

Most people are aware that word of mouth will get you, sometimes, as much business as paid advertising. So how do you get that word of mouth promotion on your LinkedIn company page?  The answer is to ask your clients to recommend specific products or services on your companies’ business page.  Let’s take a look – Use LinkedIn Products to your company's advantage.

On the right side of this image, you see that there are 3 recommendations for this particular product.  Those recommendations equal word of mouth.  Below the number of impressions is a spot where you can request recommendations. Once you click on that, a box pops up that you can send a request for a recommendation to anyone to whom you are a first degree connection.

LinkedIn product recommendation

The next bit of advice is something that I recommend for every component of LinkedIn that gives you a prepared message. DON’T USE IT!  You can very easily personalize the messages that LinkedIn offers, so please do so!  Additionally, when asking for recommendations for your products or for you personally, don’t make the person do all of the work.  Offer some language that you would like to see in your recommendation.  Perhaps it is the keywords associated with the product or key marketing phrases that you use to brand your products or services.

The pay-it-forward concept works here as well.  If you wish to express your positive experience with a product or service by a company, don’t wait for them to ask – write! Who knows, depending upon your own skills and products, this could forge a great working relationship!

Hopefully, you will be able to give and receive with this Top 5 LinkedIn Business Page Tip by participating in the recommendation process.

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How do you use Networking?

I’ve written about networking in the past. But it bears repeating.  As much as I LOVE social networkingmedia and especially LinkedIn, I realize that you cannot ignore face to face networking.

Recently, I met with a gentleman that called me based on a referral from one of his connections. When I walked into my office away from office, a Panera, I immediately recognized the man with whom I was about to meet.  We had both been at a local chamber networking event. He had been drawn to my booth display and wanted to find out more, but was pulled in several directions and we never were able to connect.

As we chatted, we discovered that our goals and desires to further our business were similar and that we could become excellent referral partners for each other.

The following article was written with job seekers in mind, but from my point of view, everyone could benefit from the suggestions that it makes. 6 Ways To Beat The Ugly Networking Stigma

Here are my questions to you –

  1. Do you network face-to-face?
  2. What do you gain from your networking?
  3. Do you look at networking as a chore or a pleasure?
  4. When you network, do you enter into the arena with the pay-it-forward philosophy?
  5. If you can’t do business with someone, can you become a power partner or referral partner with them?
  6. Do you expect immediate results from your networking activities?



November is a month when we look at those things for which we are thankful.

Several years ago, I was able to take a long weekend to visit some friends and family out of state.  As busy as my daily life is, I normally don’t have the time to read things for pleasure. So for this trip, I had heard about a book written by Deborah Norville that I thought I could read for pleasure and perhaps gain some benefits as well.  Her book Thank You Power – Making the Science of Gratitude Work for You shares real life stories and the way people overcame challenges and were thankful for the experience to make them grow.

Several of her points included:

  1. Make a point to say thank you to someone today.
  2. Daily, or at least weekly, list three things for which you are grateful, include the why and who if possible.
  3. Write a gratitude letter to someone.  It lets you say thank you to someone overdue to hear it.
  4. Focus on things of beauty and share it.  How often can the mundane enhance your life?
  5. Accentuate the positive.  When you are feeling down, take a few minutes to list the positives in your life.
  6. Envision the life you’d like. Find a blessing in something bad.  Focus on how you can turn a bad situation around.
  7. Do something for someone else – no thanks expected or accepted. (Remember the movie about paying it forward?)
  8. Embrace your enemy.  Look around – what is right with your world?
  9. When you look at the positives in your life, it makes you more resilient against the negatives.

While I enjoyed the stories associated with each of these points, I also thought about the things in my life associated with each of them.  I would like to share a few of the things for which I am most thankful in this season of giving thanks:

  • The skills and talents that I enjoy each day in which I get to express my creativity;
  • The era of technology that allows me to travel to see friends who live hundreds of miles away in the matter of hours or talk to them in seconds wirelessly.
  • The senses I use to see glorious colors of the sun rising or setting in the sky; hear the birds chirping or wind chimes ringing; taste the spicy flavor of my favorite meal; smell the fresh mown hay or a turkey roasting; feel softness of the fur on my pets.
  • And most of all, my husband, family and friends who love me and support me when I am feeling good or bad.

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