What? You don’t have a website!

A Website is the hub to your marketing. Or is it?

I met a woman recently who told me she deactivated her website because it wasn’t doing anything for her. I said, “You did what?” She told me that she relies upon her LinkedIn profile to do her marketing for her. I said, “We need to have a discussion about that!”website hub

After I walked away, I thought a bit more about it. LinkedIn does show up number 1, 2, or 3 in search results if someone is looking for you by your name. But it is not going to tell them about your product or services the way a website would. I advice jobseekers to at least have a blogspot blog to give them a space on the internet.

If you don’t have a website, or at least a URL driven email address, you cannot have a company page on LinkedIn for your business.

I wrote this article about your website being the hub of your marketing in 2013. I agree with that today. The other thing that I feel very strongly about is the fact that you need an email address that has a company URL associated with it. It legitimizes your business. If people see a gmail, yahoo, hotmail, or, heaven forbid, an AOL email address as your business email, they tend to think less of your business. I am not the only one that feels this way. Read this article from my friend at T.G. Consultants.

If nothing else, spend $10-25 and get a website tonight from a service like godaddy or wix. You can set up a site that links back to someplace else. But you at least have that branding going on that will only help your marketing efforts. If I can help you build a WordPress website to legitimize your business – or update it to this millennium – please contact me.

Branding Your Email

Do you think that your email address counts in branding your business?Pick a domain name

I hope you said YES!

So often I see business people who have an email address that reads xbusiness@comcast.net or johnsrepairservice@gmail.com. While I always set up a companyname@gmail.com address for my clients, it is for a totally different purpose than to run their business email with that email address.

I apologize to have hurt your feelings if you are one of those people reading this that have that sort of email address. But get with the program. There are three reasons why you don’t have an email address with your company as your domain name:

  1. You just got started and haven’t built your website yet.
  2. You are too busy to do it yourself – then it is time to hire someone to do it for you.
  3. You are trying to save a few bucks by not paying for the upgrade to the company that is hosting your URL.

Here is my question to you – how much business have you lost because someone thinks you are a “valid” business because you don’t have a company email address.

If your domain name was taken when you tried to create your company website and email, you may not have to worry about that any longer. Look at the image in this post and you can see how many options there are for you now. How you brand your business must include what you use for an email extension.

Read my tech friends opinion on this situation. When you are ready to either set-up your website or work on branding your business across the board, give me a call. We can work things out!

Build Your Personal Brand

Building a brand isn’t just for companies.  As this recent article from Entrepreneur.com states, you need to build your personal reputation as well.

So many names are synonymous with their brand:

  • Zappo’s – Tony Hsieh
  • Ford – Lee Iacocca
  • Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg
  • Apple – Steve Jobs
  • Motorola – Guy Kawasaki
  • Time2Mrkt – Dee Reinhardt (while I am not on this list yet, I am striving to practice what I preach)branding

When you are building your company brand and you ARE your company, you are building them simultaneously.  But if you work for a company, how can you build your personal reputation without taking away from the company?  If you are currently unemployed, how do you build your personal brand to promote yourself?

1. Promote thought leadership – share useful opinions and information regularly. Share your thoughts on an article that you have read. Share your views on making a “hot topic” situation better. Ensure that your opinion or expertise is sought after even if it is hyper-local instead of national or international.

2. Stand out – this may be more difficult for some than for others, but find your niche “thing”. One colleague uses bacon as his “thing”. Another colleague’s “thing” is that is all about the other person. What was your 15 (or 30, 60, 90) minutes of fame?  How can you incorporate that into your introductions to people you meet?

3. Internet – At first I was going to start with social media, which is a huge driver of how people will discover your personal brand, but it is so much more. LinkedIn is a fantastic tool to develop your personal brand. Because your profile represents you and what you have done with your career, you have the ability to highlight those aspects that will help you express your expertise.  Remember you need to post to be seen, and that means on all of your platforms.  Blog articles, LinkedIn updates, Google+ live hangouts, webinars, your website, and all the other tools and platforms where your voice can be heard.

How have you built your personal brand?


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