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How can Google Alerts help your marketing?Google alerts 1st picture

How do you keep track of what people are saying about you on the web? Other than combing the web hour after hour, I have found Google Alerts to be one of the best things since, toast, (not so sure it is better than sliced bread, but, you get my point right?)

You can set up an Alert for just about anything:

  • Press release – Include the words in the title to see where it was published.
  • Your name – enclose it in quotes
  • Your company name –
  • Your product or service
  • Key words that apply to your product or service
  • Your competition
  • Job Search – Read this article from Careerealism about How To Use Google Alerts for your search.

Create Google Alerts To create an alert, it is as simple as typing Google Alerts into your browser window. Or you can go to When you type in the word for which you want to create an alert, suggested articles and links will appear. You can establish criteria for your alert like:

  • Frequency – can be as it happens, once a day, or once a week.
  • Sources – automatic (all of these), news, blogs, web, video, books, discussion, or finance.
  • Language – practically anyone you can think of
  • Region – any, or a specific county. It doesn’t allow more specific than that.
  • How many – only the best results or all of the results, and
  • Where to deliver the alert – I would suggest a gmail address.

Google alerts image 2Once you pick what you want to track, you can establish how frequently you get the updates. If you would like to use the information in the Google Alerts to help you with content for your social posts, set your delivery time for early in the day. If you choose the digest option, all of your alerts will come to you in one email. I have alerts set for some of my clients, so I personally prefer to have my alerts come as individual emails. Hopefully, you have picked great keywords to help you find information that you can share.

Use Google Alerts to help you stay up to date on new information in your industry and to help you fill out your content marketing.

What’s the buzz about Gmail Tabs

“What’s the buzz, tell me what’s a-happening, what’s the buzz, tell me what’s a-happening,

US Edition Cover, May 1971

WHY should you want to know?”

These are lyrics from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar, but are applicable to social media practically everyday. The song lyrics go on to say,

“Don’t you mind about the future?
Don’t you try to think ahead?
Save tomorrow for tomorrow;
Think about today instead.”

But if you only think about today, you can get left behind pretty fast in the fast paced changes of social media.

Today let’s focus on the newest change to Gmail – the tabs!

Gmail tabs pic

The five tabs give you some flexibility on sorting out your inbox.  Gmail makes most of the determinations for you, so you have to be diligent about checking all of the tabs. The real beauty here is that you don’t have to sift through a multitude of e-news and advertisements to get to the emails you need to follow-up on projects or business.

Do you get Google Alerts – they will all show up under your Updates tab.  All of your e-news and other promotional items will come into the Promotions tabs.  Any LinkedIn invitations and messages from your other social platforms appear in the Social tab.  The emails to let you do business will still be locate in the Primary tab.  Would you like to know how to change the settings to add or delete certain tabs?  Check out this short video.

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