B2B vs B2C – Facebook

B2B vs B2C – Facebook

When we are discussing the difference for B2B vs B2C – Facebook, we need to understand the sheer number of users on Facebook make it a necessity to own your real estate on the B2B vs B2C Facebook - Time2Mrktsocial media platform. Facebook is more like a backyard barbecue.  You invite friends because you like to socialize with them, co-workers because you may have lunch with them, and family (sometimes because you have to).

B2B – the usefulness of Facebook for you depends upon whether you can share information that someone may search. If you can, share industry related information, product updates, announcements, pictures of products with links back to your website. Work to build brand awareness. AND use it to highlight customer service.

B2C – Facebook is a phenomenal tool for consumer based business.  Facebook continues to build in functionality for the consumer, but also has made it more difficult for people to see posts from business unless they interact regularly. Investigate special offers, discounts, ads, check-ins, quizzes, contests. Build brand awareness and work to send business through your door.  All you have to do is make sure that you are following the Facebook rules so that your business doesn’t suffer any consequences.

Facebook Fan Pages

Recently I have been working with a national client who has individual locations across different states.  Each location has some autonomy with the marketing of their location.  Some of the locations know more about social media than others.  During a recent survey, I discovered many people had set-up a personal Facebook page instead of Facebook Fan Pages.

Facebook Fan Pages

Allows your followers to “Like” your page.  You cannot invite friends to connect in the same way you do on a personal page. Facebook Fan Pages afford you options that you do not have with personal pages. Facebook Fanpages do not let you do certain things that personal pages allow.

For example – you cannot like an individual’s page with your fanpage, but you can like other fanpages.

Here is a brief how-to video I put together to help you move from a personal page that you might be using for business into an actual Facebook Fan Page.

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