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How often do you write a blog article and think – “Well that’s done, not I need to come up with posts for …..”


Use the content you created for multiple purposes.  I did just that with an article I wrote for the Daily Herald.  The piece was my Top 5 Tips for LinkedIn. Here is what happened after that:

  • Posted links to the newspaper article on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Wrote an in-depth article on each of the 5 tips – 5 blog articles of content.
  • Posted each of the 5 articles on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Referenced each article in the other articles.
  • Referenced each article in a newsletter article
  • Waited a few weeks, wrote a follow-up article on one of the tips and referenced the original article.
  • Posted that on social media.
  • Referenced new article on e-news.
  • All of the articles posted from the company LinkedIn and shared to groups to which I belong on LinkedIn and Tweeted out a second time.
  • All articles had an image that was pinned to Pinterest and tweeted a third time.

The last step that I need to complete is a compilation of the articles into an e-book that I can reference on my website and in social media. But as the saying goes, the shoemakers shoes are always the last to get fixed.

If you need any other ideas, this article from SocialMediaopolis brings up some great points..

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