Who Visits Your Pages?

I recently read  How can you get millennials to like your brand on Facebook? It sparked this thought: How do you get anyone to like your brand on Facebook?  The article stated that Millennials say they are more likely to like an organization if it:

  • Offers discounts (56 percent)
  • Offers product samples (40 percent)
  • Sends event invitations (28 percent)
  • Sends personal invitations (27 percent)
  • Has games or “fun” applications (14 percent)

I would venture to say that almost anyone would like an organization that offers discounts or product samples, and how many “Boomers” spend time on gaming options found on-line or in social media networks.

Conversly, I found this article Millennial Consumers: Engaged, Optimistic, Charitable that states:

  • Millennials are actively engaged in consuming and influencing – more likely than non-Millennials to purchase products that support a cause, and the 34% that make direct donations primarily donate through mobile devices. They contribute to user-generated content, spend time rating products and services and uploading videos, images and blog entries online.
  • Millennials favor recommendations from peers or friends – 53% reported exploring brands through social networks. They use their phones to read reviews or research products while shopping.
  • Millennials are “digital natives” – 72% reported using MP3 players, 67% use gaming platforms and 59% own smartphones. They are heavily engaged with social media – 33% favor brands with Facebook pages and mobile websites.
And here is an article that says 33% of Millenials are more apt to buy from a company with a Facebook page.

My thought is that you must determine your target audience.  That audience cannot be “anyone that …”. Drill down to find a specific market, own that demographic, and then, if you need, expand from there. Where will they find you if they look?

Once you pick a specific audience, find out where they “live”:

IPhone First Generation 8GB (3680455198)
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  • web
  • smart phones
  • TV
  • Radio

How will they find you?

  • Do they pick up a newspaper or their Kindle?
  • Do they find out about your business from Yelp or a phone call to a friend?
  • Are they searching for you on Google or driving past your business?
I found this tool years in 2010 to help you determine what platform(s) you should be using.  Here is a link to the 2012 version: http://www.cmo.com/social-media-guide/2012/
Portion of the guide
Where is your audience finding you?
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