LinkedIn adds a “Classmates” feature

LinkedIn added a new feature to help you find the classmates from your college or university.  I couldn’t find the feature in LinkedIn.  I had to click on this link from the LinkedIn blog article I read. (

I logged out and logged back in and still cannot find where LinkedIn has updated the menu bar to include this feature.

The feature runs by the college(s) in your profile and the years you enter.  Once the scan is complete, you get a listing of where they work, what they do and the towns where they reside.  A list of the contacts shows up and shows you what degree of connection they are.

I can see this being useful if you went to a school where you might remember some of your classmates, or graduated in the near recent past so that you might still be in touch with some of them.  For me, I went to a university that served a large commuter population so many years ago that it doesn’t appear to be a significant benefit to me.  I might change my mind as I investigate the connections further.

Social Media and the Job Search

Since social media is the big thing, are you using it for your job search? If not, why not?

LinkedIn has in excess of 120 million users, 750 million Facebook users and 175 million Twitter users. Even if only 80% of those users are active, it is still a BIG number.

Mashable recently published this article – about recruiters preferring Facebook to find employees even though LinkedIn is the “professional” network.

Use LinkedIn to follow companies, find jobs, and build your level of expertise. Facebook boasts their answer to LinkedIn called Branchout. You can ask your Facebook friends to join you in your professional network and receive recommendations. Twitter has post after post of jobs that you can find even if you don’t tweet yourself. Just go to Or find out the latest posts from both LinkedIn and Twitter by using LinkedIn’s Signal.

Remember, you can’t just create a profile and let it hang there on the web, you must work at it, as you must with any job search process. If you need to learn more about using social media, let me know. A couple of options that might help are one-on-one or small group LinkedIn workshops.

What are you doing with social media and your job search?

Using Social Media

Social media isn’t the only tool you should have in your marketing arsenal, but it is one that you should be using.  If your business is going to succeed, you must investigate all aspects of marketing your business and social media must be included into the mix.

Recently, I read a great article on using social media to engage Kym McNicholas from Forbes.  She does a great job of explaining the topics, so I would like to share it with you – click here.

If the thought of managing all of those tasks overwhelms you, perhaps you should consider hiring a community manager, if not full-time, at least part-time or on contract.  Whatever you decide, make sure the person sharing the information understands your brand and your message to keep it consistent.


Learning New Things

As I am embarking on this journey, I am learning many new things. One of which is how to use WordPress. After having used Blogspot for a couple of years, the operations are a bit different.

Additionally, coming from total HTML website design to trying to incorporate a website into WordPress, you look at things much differently.

Have you learned any more about Google+? What are your feelings on that application?

How about the changes recently with Facebook? Are they attempting to change too many things at one time? Are they welcome changes by the 750m users?