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How do you find out what other companies you should like or follow on social media platforms?

If you are a business with a business page on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or even Pinterest, Instagram, or Flickr, there are pages where you might get your best information.  The most important thing to do is to follow them, “Like” the page with your page, add them to your circle in Google+ or in other words add them to the people you get information from in social platforms.and want to follow other businesses who may help you. Follow the chain – you like a page – what pages do they like and on and on.

To see this in action, here is a screenshot from a search on Google+:

People that are in my circles – 

I picked Fred.  I clicked on his profile and noticed that he has 3K+ in his circles.

That is a pretty good number, so I click on the “See all” in the upper right corner.  This screen pops up.

If you notice, there are three people to whom we are both connected.  Once I have gone through and picked some of those people with whom I would like to connect.  I could then go into their circles and pick more people.

You might ask: Why would I want to do this? This is really good to be able to connect with the influencers in your field, or to be able to connect with someone that you may have been trying to connect with for business for a long time.

This method also works in LinkedIn: see how here – I connect with a person who has many contacts.  If they have more than 500 connections you will only see the 500+

Click on the 500+ and you will see a list like the one below:

You will see a  list of all of their connections and another list of the ones that you share. If you only see the list of shared connections, it means that the person has chosen to hide their connections from anyone else.

Use the relationship with the first person in your personalized invitation to the second degree connection with which you want to connect.

Much of this requires a bit of homework, and diligence, but can pay off in the long run.

What other benefits can you see from “following the chain”?


Author: DeeReinhardt

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