LinkedIn Headline

Does your LinkedIn headline help you in landing in search results? Three places in a LinkedIn profile need to focus on keywords: Headline Summary (About) Skills & Endorsements It is good to splatter those keywords wherever else you can in your profile, but those three are the biggest spots. They are where people will look … Continue reading “LinkedIn Headline”

LinkedIn Search Algorithms

What do we know about LinkedIn Search Algorithms? All of the social media platforms are typically secretive about their search algorithms. Here is a short perspective of what we do know: Keywords – Everyone speaks about keywords being the number one search item for ANY platform social or browser. So how do you find your … Continue reading “LinkedIn Search Algorithms”

LinkedIn – More than just Like Comment and Share

LinkedIn rolled out a new set of icons to allow more than just a “Like, Comment and Share” I saw the article the other day and was hoping that I would be an early recipient of this new feature to allow you to express more than just a “Like” on someone’s post in LinkedIn. LinkedIn … Continue reading “LinkedIn – More than just Like Comment and Share”


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