LinkedIn – More than just Like Comment and Share

LinkedIn rolled out a new set of icons to allow more than just a “Like, Comment and Share” I saw the article the other day and was hoping that I would be an early recipient of this new feature to allow you to express more than just a “Like” on someone’s post in LinkedIn. LinkedIn … Continue reading “LinkedIn – More than just Like Comment and Share”

Export LinkedIn Connections

Why would you want to Export LinkedIn Connections? There are a couple of reasons why you would want to export LinkedIn connections, but the main one is to use them for your marketing/outreach efforts. If you don’t use the Sales Navigator feature in LinkedIn, you may want to download your connections and enter them into … Continue reading “Export LinkedIn Connections”

LinkedIn Background image changes!

Do you have a LinkedIn Background image? My favorite social media tool recently changed the way the LinkedIn background image appears on your public profile. I mean recently. I taught a class on May 7 and it looks different today!! It is a good idea to include an image on your background. If you sell … Continue reading “LinkedIn Background image changes!”

Beware of Email Messages for LinkedIn

Don’t click on email Messages about LinkedIn until you think it through. I received the email message that is pictured in this image. I had to think about it for a minute or two and really look at the content, the sender and the email to which it was addressed. This was focused on LinkedIn, … Continue reading “Beware of Email Messages for LinkedIn”