LinkedIn Background image changes!

Do you have a LinkedIn Background image?

My favorite social media tool recently changed the way the LinkedIn background image appears on your public profile. I mean recently. I taught a class on May 7 and it looks different today!!

It is a good idea to include an image on your background. If you sell products or services, make it a marketing type image.  If you are in job search mode, try to find an image that reflects what it is that you do. When I teach LinkedIn workshops, I suggest to attendees that they create a word cloud to find / represent their key words. That word cloud image might make the perfect LinkedIn background image for your profile.LinkedIn background image changes

The image size they suggest is 1584 pixels by 396 pixels. If you have an image created for a YouTube or Google background, the image is about the right size. As you can see from the image, your profile picture covers the lower left corner of the image, so take that into consideration when you are designing something new.

I write and teach about LinkedIn. In my opinion it is the best tool to network and connect for business. Using this image and a professional looking head shot will boost your views. You need to also pay attention to the keywords you use in your profile and where. Interested in an upcoming workshop for job seekers? Check this site – Harper College Eventbrite

If you would like to read other articles about LinkedIn, check out these:

I am happy to work with you one-on-one to make your profile show up higher in search results organically. Consider this when searching for a new position or promoting your products and services.

While it is just something nice to have, you can make your LinkedIn background image work to your advantage. Contact me if you need more assistance.

Associated Colleges of Illinois

Speaking to the Associated Colleges of Illinois on LinkedIn

On November 3, 2017 I spoke to the Associated Colleges of Illinois about using LinkedIn and other social media to reach out to potential students.

I went to LinkedIn and compiled into one document the items that are associated with creating and using a University page on LinkedIn. If you want to download it click this link – University Pages on LinkedIn.

One of the things I noticed as I was researching all of this is the fact that they differentiate Company pages from University pages for the alumni aspect of the pages.

While many businesses have alumni, not all of them will talk up the positive aspects of that business as they may not have parted company in a good way.

LinkedIn has a whole section of videos and resources for higher education professionals. Take a look at them here. I watched the videos and hope to be able to share more information on the differences to other learning institutions who might have alumni like high schools or prep schools.

I also addressed why social media is important to incorporate in overall marketing plans. (Need me to talk to your group about that?) Here is that handout. Why social media

Last but not least I provided everyone with a copy of my current version of the LinkedIn takeaway from when I teach hands-on LinkedIn workshops. It is here – LinkedIn Take Away. (Need your group to learn more about their personal profiles and what to do with them after they are up to date?)

Whatever I can help you with for your social media needs, I am all ears. Give me a call or send an email so that we can communicate about your social communication desires!! Remember I can help you design, build or remodel your overall social marketing plan.


Beware of Email Messages for LinkedIn

Don’t click on email Messages about LinkedIn until you think it through.

I received the email message that is pictured in this image. I had to think about it for a minute or two and really look at the content, the sender and the email to which it was addressed. This was focused on LinkedIn, but it could happen with any platform or service that you use.

Here are a couple of the clues:

Sender – LinkedIn would not be sending a message to me from an Outlook email address. Even though they are now affiliated with Microsoft, they are branded as

Address – this got sent to an email address that is not the primary one on my account and it was sent to undisclosed recipients.

Link to click – has nothing to do with LinkedIn.

De-activated – Linkedin does not deactivate any accounts without going through tons of work to get it done. Trust me on this one, I have tried to help customers delete duplicate accounts and it is TOUGH!

Web link – WHAT!!!???!!! this link makes absolutely no sense, why would I click on it?

Date – the way the grammar and punctuation work on this, it looks as if no one proofed it or does not speak English well.

Sincerely. – this could have been a typo, but if a major corporation is sending out a mass mailing like this, you betcha they are double checking and proofing several times.

Copyright – Just because they put it, doesn’t mean it is. PLUS, 2017 Information isn’t the name of a corporation – that is what the copyright is for typically.

All in all, to the untrained observer, they might click on this and BAM – virus or trojan horse gets unlocked. Just beware of any type of email that says to renew, verify, whatever before you click and give them what they want.

Call me if you have questions 708-822-2152.

BTW, Microsoft won’t call you either – read this one: Be aware of potential hacks

Have you seen the LinkedIn Updates to Terms of Service

LinkedIn made some changes to their Terms of Service.

You can read the whole thing here: Updates to LinkedIn Terms of Service

Here is my opinion on what I will do with each of these items:

  • Increased visibility of your LinkedIn Profile – Similar to the way your profile shows up in search engines, we will allow certain third-party services to show your profile to their users, so that you can be more easily found for opportunities and connect with people. I always suggest that users leave their settings to show publicly, especially when in job search mode. I am personally not going to opt-out of this setting.
  • Easier to share accomplishments with your network – To make it easier to update your profile, we’ll look for and suggest positive and public professional accomplishments, like awards or industry recognition, to share with your network. I think this is a great way for people to keep their profiles up to date and/or find things that they may have overlooked. I suggest to users that they include Projects to their profile. If someone else adds a project and names you, LinkedIn may find this and suggest that you add it to your profile as well. Let them do the work for you.
  • Productivity bots and similar tools to improve communication with your network – You can opt-in to use our automated systems that can help you with messages by suggesting responses, assisting in scheduling meetings with connections, generating ice breakers, or offering insights to help you connect with other professionals more easily. I plan to try this before I make a final decision to see what the automated pieces are. Apparently, the first time I send something, it will offer me to option to opt-in.
  • Easily meet up with other members – You can choose to use an upcoming feature that helps you find nearby LinkedIn members, who have also opted-in, at a conference, event or meeting. I think that this will be good for conference attendees, but that is about it. Hopefully, you can turn it off and on very easily. Otherwise, I will opt-out completely. This will probably depend upon how you set your phone settings whether your location can be found or not. 
  • Keep learning new skills on Lynda – Your learning account on Lynda continues to be covered by the Lynda privacy policy. Lynda requires a subscription. There was a trial period for a month last year in which you could watch anything for free. I didn’t have time to take advantage of it. Have any of you used Lynda?

Our updated User Agreement will look familiar, with a few changes that are highlighted in our summary, including:

  • Dos and Don’ts – We’ve added clarity about the activities allowed on LinkedIn. Click into the summary in the sentence above to take a look at the summary for the Do’s and Don’ts – they seem to be run of the mill but you don’t want to be caught with your hand in the cookie jar.
  • Payment Terms – is one of the other items mentioned. I personally only recommend that HR Recruiters, International, National and some Regional sales directors need to use the paid services. But if you do, you better read this clause, there was a reference to “additional terms” at check-out and auto renewal to which you should pay attention. The new app “Sales Navigator” is great for people who are actually using it, but don’t pay the fee and not make use of the tool. 

In general, most of this looks innocuous, but you never know especially when it comes to renewals and fees etc.

If you want to find out more about the reason the let Microsoft buy them, read the article from Jeff Weiner. In a few words, they have the same vision and want to make things more efficient for everyone.

Let me know if I can be of assistance with your personal or company LinkedIn profile.

Showcase pages on LinkedIn – what Value?

To showcase or not to showcase – that is the question!

Recently in an on-line forum I use as a resource tool, I ran across a question from another user asking about how to remove a showcase page.

I maintain one for my business LinkedIn page just to explain and demonstrate. For my purposes, that is the only benefit I see for them.

If you are a large company with a number of product lines that are diverse enough that someone wouldn’t want to see posts or information about your other products, it would be worthwhile to consider a showcase page. Several questions to ask yourself are:

  1. What kind of content will I post that is different than I would post to my general company page?
  2. Is there enough content to post at least a weekly update to the showcase page?
  3. Do I have the time or manpower to dedicate to posting on a showcase page in addition to the other pages I have on all of my social media channels?

If you have substantive answers for each of these three questions you may want to create a showcase page for your product or service identity in addition to your overall company page.

Here is what you would do:

  1. Go to your company page
  2. Click the edit
  3. Select Create Showcase page

Fill in all of the appropriate information and add an icon and header image.

Once created if you need to make edits or delete the page do the following:

  1. Click on your company page. Find the showcase page on the lower right side.
  2. Click on the Showcase page.
  3. Click the edit button.

Make your changes or go to the bottom right and remove the page.

Remember that if you are going to have a showcase page, it really should have some activity on it.

Not everyone is big enough or diverse enough to benefit from the efforts needed to create and maintain a LinkedIn Company Showcase page.