Why do you use the Social Networks you do?

When I speak to groups or to individuals, one of my standard questions is do you have a LinkedIn profile, Facebook profile, Twitter handle and do you have a company page for each of those?

Recently I read an article entitled Why Google+ Wont Succeed.  The basis of the article is that people don’t like to dance alone and there aren’t enough people on the dance floor on Google+.

When I started in social media everyone spoke about the “Big 3” that referred to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. I feel that people still tend to think of those before some of the other networks – like Google+.  Do you have an account on G+? for you?  for your business?

What about Pinterest? Flickr? YouTube?

As of this writing, YouTube is the #2 social network.  It boasts over 800 Million unique users and 3 Billion hours of video watched monthly.  Now the “Big 3” might just refer to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Check this infographic

Facebook as of March 2012 had 901 Million monthly active users and Linked in has 161 Million professionals.

As of April 2012 Google+ had only 170 Million users but there are predictions of 400 Million by the end of the year.  Again, do you like to play on a playground that no one else is using?

Pinterest is another animal.  With only 10 million plus users, the demographics on that is a bit more defined.  It is a good tool for the right user and audience, but so are Flickr and Picasso.

Picking the social networks that are the best for your company can be the biggest challenge, but participating in at least one is crucial for you to stay in front of potential clients.  Setting everything up to have a consistent brand is important and engaging your audience is critical.  How often and on how many channels to choose to engage is up to you, your time or your budget.  Sometimes just getting your feet wet and scheduling some time to do the updates is the start of something new and exciting.

Should you need guidance or assistance, there are firms like Time2Mkrt available for your support.  Call on me or them, but get started soon.


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Follow the Chain

How do you find out what other companies you should like or follow on social media platforms?

If you are a business with a business page on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or even Pinterest, Instagram, or Flickr, there are pages where you might get your best information.  The most important thing to do is to follow them, “Like” the page with your page, add them to your circle in Google+ or in other words add them to the people you get information from in social platforms.and want to follow other businesses who may help you. Follow the chain – you like a page – what pages do they like and on and on.

To see this in action, here is a screenshot from a search on Google+:

People that are in my circles – 

I picked Fred.  I clicked on his profile and noticed that he has 3K+ in his circles.

That is a pretty good number, so I click on the “See all” in the upper right corner.  This screen pops up.

If you notice, there are three people to whom we are both connected.  Once I have gone through and picked some of those people with whom I would like to connect.  I could then go into their circles and pick more people.

You might ask: Why would I want to do this? This is really good to be able to connect with the influencers in your field, or to be able to connect with someone that you may have been trying to connect with for business for a long time.

This method also works in LinkedIn: see how here – I connect with a person who has many contacts.  If they have more than 500 connections you will only see the 500+

Click on the 500+ and you will see a list like the one below:

You will see a  list of all of their connections and another list of the ones that you share. If you only see the list of shared connections, it means that the person has chosen to hide their connections from anyone else.

Use the relationship with the first person in your personalized invitation to the second degree connection with which you want to connect.

Much of this requires a bit of homework, and diligence, but can pay off in the long run.

What other benefits can you see from “following the chain”?


YouTube, Jing and Twitter

I love when I learn something new.

I have had my YouTube channel for quite some time.  I set everything up when I decided on a company name.  The channel has been sitting out there alone and unloved, until today!!!

I needed to show a client a how-to on changing their Twitter background.  So I enlisted the help of a new tool – Jing (recommended in this post) to complete a screen capture.  The beauty of it is, I was able to upload it directly to YouTube.  Just that simple. (three takes later).

The point is, using social media to help others and promote your business can be as easy as having the right tools.

Want to see the video?

How to change your Twitter background


How do you adapt to change?  Do you handle it in stride? Do you accept it with good cheer and look at it as a potential for growth or as a nuisance?

Being in the marketing field has given me a chance to experience change at a rapid pace.  As we all know Facebook can change on a dime and not give notice about the changes. Twitter is undergoing some major renovations.  LinkedIn keeps adding new features.  Google + came onto the scene.  They are, sometimes, good and sometimes not so good. But, the community speaks.

Social media is ever evolving, growing, changing, ebbing and flowing.  I have noticed that the more things change the more they stay the same. Old becomes new – just like the hip- hugger pants of the 70’s are now called low-rise.   If you concentrate your efforts on the basics and add a few new methods, you will be fine.  The big change is – if you are not using digital media as a part of your overall marketing package, you will fall behind.

Overall, if you are incorporating a blog, a Facebook page, and a company page on LinkedIn, you should find a broader reach with your marketing efforts.  Using social media in your package allows you to reach the marketplace where the marketplace looks – on-line.  Gone are the days of people purchasing items based solely on what they see in advertisements.  Today, people purchase on the recommendations of peers with whom they can obtain opinions in a matter of seconds.  Review sites are now common i.e., Yelp, Insiderpages, Viewpoints or citysquares.

Peer review sites are the best way to find out the scoop.  You must remember that people will find a way to post a negative review much more quickly than they will post a glowing positive offering.  Here is a perfect example of that – over 11million views of a video about an airline breaking a singer’s guitar – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YGc4zOqozo. To overcome this you must “change” with the tide and use social media to address customer service concerns and provide positive testimonials to buffer any negative comments.

What changes are you experiencing with your marketing goals?

Social Media and the Job Search

Since social media is the big thing, are you using it for your job search? If not, why not?

LinkedIn has in excess of 120 million users, 750 million Facebook users and 175 million Twitter users. Even if only 80% of those users are active, it is still a BIG number.

Mashable recently published this article – http://mashable.com/2011/10/09/recruiters-prefer-facebook/ about recruiters preferring Facebook to find employees even though LinkedIn is the “professional” network.

Use LinkedIn to follow companies, find jobs, and build your level of expertise. Facebook boasts their answer to LinkedIn called Branchout. You can ask your Facebook friends to join you in your professional network and receive recommendations. Twitter has post after post of jobs that you can find even if you don’t tweet yourself. Just go to search.twitter.com. Or find out the latest posts from both LinkedIn and Twitter by using LinkedIn’s Signal.

Remember, you can’t just create a profile and let it hang there on the web, you must work at it, as you must with any job search process. If you need to learn more about using social media, let me know. A couple of options that might help are one-on-one or small group LinkedIn workshops.

What are you doing with social media and your job search?