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Who manages a Facebook page? How often would you like to comment as yourself, or perhaps a different page that you admin?  Facebook has given you a simple option to accomplish just that!

Take a look at this video to see how to do it.

In case you don’t want to watch the video, here are some directions:Facebook Update Options

  1. Make the post as your company page however you make that post – schedule it, share someone else’s post, use a scheduling tool.
  2. Find the post in your personal feed.
  3. Look in the upper Right corner for the icon and the drop down arrow.
  4. Click the arrow and select which profile you would like to use to post.Facebook Update Options 2
  5. Select Like, Comment, Share
  6. Use this option for all pages that you Admin to share a post and perhaps even gain some likes from followers of other pages!

Let me know if you have any additional thoughts or things that you need to see demonstrated.

This might even help you with call to actions and events that you need to share in more than one place. Less duplication of effort and personalize the message to the page upon which you are sharing the post.

Facebook Page liking other Pages

Facebook Page liking other Pages

The following video offers a quick how-to on your Facebook Page liking other pages.

Remember that Facebook pages cannot invite people to connect like personal pages can, but just like personal pages, your page can like other pages.  The video explains how you can see the posts from those pages and share the information as your page.

The other benefit of liking other pages is those likes show up on your home (admin) page.Facebook other page likes Sometimes, the other pages you like show that you are gathering information from reliable sources.  It also gives you content to share that your page followers will find credible.  Currently, there is a new feature that when you post something and tag another business, the tag will show up on your page as well as the page that you tagged.  This could give you better exposure if the other page has lots of followers on their Facebook page.

Take a peek at the video. Let me know if you have specific needs with which I might assist you.

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Facebook Fan Pages

Recently I have been working with a national client who has individual locations across different states.  Each location has some autonomy with the marketing of their location.  Some of the locations know more about social media than others.  During a recent survey, I discovered many people had set-up a personal Facebook page instead of Facebook Fan Pages.

Facebook Fan Pages

Allows your followers to “Like” your page.  You cannot invite friends to connect in the same way you do on a personal page. Facebook Fan Pages afford you options that you do not have with personal pages. Facebook Fanpages do not let you do certain things that personal pages allow.

For example – you cannot like an individual’s page with your fanpage, but you can like other fanpages.

Here is a brief how-to video I put together to help you move from a personal page that you might be using for business into an actual Facebook Fan Page.

Thanks for watching and check other posts about LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media tools and tips.

Comment as Yourself

Did you know that Facebook page admins have the option to comment as themselves on posts that the Fan page makes?  The process used to be as simple as a checkbox in the admin settings, but it can still be accomplished.  Here is how:Pages on the Left side of  your personal page.

Go to YOUR personal page

On the Left hand side, you will see a section labeled “Pages”

Select the page of which you are an Admin

At the top of the page, in the blue bar, you will see “You are commenting… as – change to…”

If you want to Comment as the page, do nothing, it will default to the page.  But if you would like to make a comment as yourself, click the “Change to {Your Name}”.  That will give you the ability to comment as yourself.Facebook comment as

So you ask, why would I want to do that?

Suppose you Admin a page for your kid’s sports team, your church, or like me, you manage other people’s posts for them; you make a post as the page and you want to make a personal comment about the post, you can then do it without it being done as the page itself.  This comes in handy when you want to make reference to someone who may have made a negative comment and you want to keep the page out of it. It also may come in handy if you want to encourage a discussion on a post or have your “friends” see the post.

Whatever the reason, you have the option available to comment as yourself should you choose to do so.

What other reasons could you see to use the comment as yourself feature?

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Manage your Facebook Ads

How many of you use Facebook ads?  You can use them to drive people to an event or your page.  I always recommend CPC – cost per click because you will ultimately get the impressions, but only have to pay for a click when someone actually goes to where you are directing them.

So once you have your ad set up and you have selected all of the demographics for your ad to get just the right mix of people, you may want to change the words, the image, the cost you are paying, or the time when you wanted to close the ad.  Here is how to do that:

From your personal page find this:

manage ads

Once you click on the Manage Ads, your page will come up with any and all of your ads.
Click on the ad that you want to modify –
 Manage ads 2
Then click on the edit next to the Ad Preview above the picture.  Once inside the ad you can change any of the parameters that you established originally.
Remember you can always set up multiple ads and see which one(s) does best and then cancel any extra ones.
Happy Facebook advertising!
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